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Free Lightroom Presets – Wedding Glow

A while back I used to release a lot of presets. I realized those presets are scattered among the web, so I’m going to start to...

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Lightroom Tip: Relighting a Scene with the Radial Filter

Lightroom has a really cool filter to get some enhanced lighting on certain areas of your photos. By using the Radial filter, you can make...

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Announcing ON1 Photo Raw – A Lightning Fast Raw Browser and Editor!

Big news in the ON1 world, and really, photo-editing world as well. I’m so psyched to announce ON1 Photo Raw (click here to go to the...

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Small Camera Store… Big Service

I wanted to take a quick break from the normal blog posts to say thank you to a camera store that I’ve come to know over the last few...

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My First 6 Months with the Sony Alpha α7R II

Well, I figured it was time for a follow up on the latest with my switch to Sony. Last December I wrote a post called “My First 60...

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Are Photo Plug-ins Dead? My Thoughts On Nik Being Free

A few weeks ago, Google announced the Nik Collection of plug-ins—which Google has owned since buying Nik Software in 2012—was now free....

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My Follow Up to the Guy Who Said Light Doesn’t Matter

The other week I posted and asked for your help. It started with an email I received where the person basically said to stop telling them...

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Gear: My New Vü Filters for Mirrorless Cameras

Last month I got the chance to try out a new set of filters. Since I switched to the Sony mirrorless system last year, I hadn’t...

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Check Out My “Photographing Iceland” Free Webcast

Normally this webcast on Wednesday would be only for ON1 Plus members, but I went to the big-wigs at ON1 and asked if we could make it free...

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Smooth Reflection – I Found My New Favorite Sony App!

While I was in Iceland last month, I had the chance to try out some of the Sony in-camera apps that I’ve really grown to be a fan of...

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