Get One Of My Favorite Plug-ins From onOne Software at 50% Off

I just went by onOne Software’s website and noticed that they have a summer special going on right now where you get 50% off of any plug-in. With all of the plug-in craze and changes lately, I’ve really come to stand by the plug-ins from onOne. For me, as a Lightroom user, they’re doing it right. They’re taking all of the things that photographers want to do outside of Lightroom, and putting them together in one place so you can get the job done without jumping in to a bunch of different programs and windows. Plus, the interface is so similar to Lightroom that you feel like you’re in the same program. The two I find I use the most are Perfect Effects and Perfect Black & White (which for me has become the new standard for black and white). You can get each of them for about $49 (it’s actually less if you just need the upgrade) which is a killer deal. The offer ends on June 28th so jump on it now if you want to take advantage of it. Have a good one!

  • wgchinn

    Thanks for the tip. Have you quit your blog at G+ ?

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Never really blogged at G+. Really I just cross posted things there that I posted here first. Never got much traction or traffic from it so it’s not something I’ve concentrated on lately :)

  • guti2068

    Thanks! Like to visit the blog here better.

  • AlanL

    Matt, do you like Perfect B&W better then Silver EFX Pro? If so, how is it better? Thanks!

  • TonyK50

    I tried the suite but it messed up the right mouse click menus in Lightroom. Not sure why but it was very evident after the install.

    Removed the suite and the right mouse click menus work as expected.

    My current set of plug-ins from NIK do most of what I want when I remember to use them. There were a couple of the plug-ins from onOne I wanted to try but because of the issues I found I just decided against it.

  • Ben Mullay

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