Wanna Learn Lightroom 5? I Just Released A Ton Of Training On It

Lightroom 5 seems to have about as big a buzz as any version I’ve seen out there. Before I left on my trips last month, I locked myself in my office for a few weeks and recorded 4 in-depth Lightroom 5 classes for the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Importing and Organizing Your Photos
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Developing and Editing Your Photos
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Printing and Books
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Slideshows and Web

Why 4 Classes and Not Just One?
A while back, I thought that it would be good to break apart my Lightroom online training videos in areas that make sense. Rather than do one long huge class on Lightroom, I separated them into the main areas that people need to work with. The first on Organizing and Importing in to Lightroom is always the most popular. And of course, making your photos look great by developing and editing is a popular one too. Then I figured printing and books went well together. And finally showing off your photos via slideshows and the web seemed to fit into a class (although it’s a really short class ;) ).

A Free 24-Hour Trial
If you’re a NAPP member then these online courses are, of course, free. But if you’re not, we’d love you to become one :) And we’ve got a free 24-hour trial for you if you want to check it out.

Scott Has Some New Classes Too
Just before Lightroom 5 came out, Scott Kelby went into the studio too and knocked out some really cool classes too. The first one is retouching portraits in Lightroom. Now that Lightroom 5 has cloning and healing, we have the tools we need to get a lot of retouching done without Photoshop. The other class called Lightroom Killer Tips is exactly that. A class full of lots of little-known tips and tricks.

Again, if you’re a NAPP member you get these for free. Just log in to the members website and click the Online Training menu button at the top left. If not, then give the free 24-hour pass a try. Have a good one!

  • Jim

    I enjoy your tips. With landscape photography, how often do you use a polarizing filter?

  • Henrik Sewell

    Matt, have I missed an announcement from Kelby Media, to move all Photoshop and Lightroom training from Kelby Training to NAPP?

    To me it seems focus is moving from Kelby Training towards NAPP, with regards to online training. That would devaluate my membership of Kelby Training, and I’m not sure I wan’t to pay for a membership on both.

    Please tell me I’m wrong :-)

    • http://www.mattk.com/ Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Henrik – Kelby Training is the photography online training website and NAPP is the Photoshop/Lightroom online training site. So if it deals with shooting (and even the post processing that goes along with that shoot) then it goes on Kelby Training. If it’s just Photoshop or Lightroom then it’s NAPP.
      Hope that helps.

      • Lex

        Hi Matt, a Lightroom section called “Photoshop LR” with your video “LR 4 in depth” on Kelby Training is still there and it doesn’t deal with shooting among many other LR and PS videos. This means you guys will not upload videos about LR 5 and PS CC anymore on Kelby Training if they don’t deal with shooting?
        When this changed? Is there a discount to join NAPP for Kelby Training members?

      • Henrik Sewell

        Thanks for replying Matt. I appreciate the explanation, but I’m not sure I would say it helps – on the contrary in fact. This was exactly the answer I feared.

        To say “If it’s just Lightroom…” just doesn’t make sense – Lightroom is for photographers, not for designers and other graphic artists. Classes on LR is never ‘just’ about LR – it’s about manipulating and organizing photos, hence it must be about photography as well.

        In the case of Photoshop, I can understand that the diversity of ways Photoshop is used, make the distinction harder. I’m not that keen on learning to use Photoshop to edit 3D or video, and that just makes it even harder to justify spending money on a NAPP membership. Too much of what NAPP offers, is of little use to me.

        And now Kelby Training it seems, has lessened value as well :-(

        Maybe the statement on Kelby Training, “World-class online training for photographers and Photoshop users”, should be changed ;-)

        • http://www.mattk.com/ Matt Kloskowski

          I meant that I hope it helped to clear things up for you. Didn’t say you had to like the decision, but I wanted to answer the question you posed, which was did Photoshop/Lightroom training move to NAPP.

          • Henrik Sewell

            It did clear things up. I just wasn’t aware of the decision to split things up. I appreciate Kelby Media’s need for making money, and I hope I will be able to find the money and excuses to be a NAPP member at some time.

            Thank you for taking time to answer my questions, and keep up the good work :-)

          • Lex

            If you need to clear things up or communicate a decision made by the company which you work with a comment in your blog for a service that costs 199$ this means your company has a communication problem with its customers.

  • Betina Kragh Jensen

    I absolutely second what Henrik Sewell is saying!

  • Melissa

    Will these be available on Kelby Training?

  • Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt, saw you had those classes out there on Friday! I’m going to be all over them! :-) I did what you suggested in our conversation and organized my photos as you do. Working great so far!! I just wish I could solve that plug-in problem. Hope you had a Great weekend!


  • Brian

    Please put on Kelby training!!!

  • RicardoC

    Hi Matt, as per Lex comments I’m also a bit disappointed by that. Kelby Training used to have tons of photoshop and lightroom training and based on what you are saying that is not the case anymore. I have been enrolled in Kelby Training for 3 years and it is the first time I hear that the approach changed. I learned LR3 and LR4 through there. I only use Photoshop and LR (of course) for photography… what you guys are saying is that I actually need to have both subscriptions, although before only kelby training was enough.

  • Brian

    Matt, I am a huge fan of you and Scott but this really sounds like a tactic to make people sign up for both. I have learned a great deal about Photoshop and Lightroom from Kelby training, it really took my photography to the next level and I am happy to pay the $199 a year but now you are saying I have to pay another $99 a year to get the LR and PS training I am used to getting?? If I am willing to pay TWICE as much for Kelby training, I should get what is posted on NAPP included. You guys are the gold standard in this world, please don’t get greedy on us.

  • Mariano

    Hi Matt, I started photography and Lightroom with you guys, and I’m very disappointed by this strategy to force people to sign to both KT and NAPP. I’m really considering not to renew my subscription to KB. I hope you the best.

  • FredericB

    Hi Matt,
    I can’t find it in KelyTraining.com
    Could you please add it there as its a $199/year and I think it should also target this website.

  • FredericB

    I wrote to KT and they told me KT doesn’t have LR… Funny your lr3 and 4 are on KT
    Matt please re think this business at your next meeting as angry customers are not ideal.

  • Tricia Lombardi

    I agree with others here that the notice of business practice change for the training available through Kelby Training, and re-routing of Photoshop and Lightroom training to NAPP, for an added annual fee of another $99, was poorly managed.

    I copied this excerpt from the About section on Kelby Training just now, “…Learn the pros secrets to creating jaw-dropping Photoshop effects for fashion photography with …And, that’s just the start! Master Photoshop® and Lightroom® in record time with the world’s top creative design gurus! Enhance your photography, retouch like a pro, and add stunning effects to your portraits.” If there’s a clarification that specifies, “only outdated versions of PS and LR, so for current versions, please go the the NAPP website,” I wasn’t able to find it.

    I’ve been a loyal member of Kelby Training, telling friends and colleagues about the courses, but I feel duped – like someone slipped in this change, thinking we wouldn’t notice, and let people keeping renewing their subscriptions, and then, surprise! New version of Lightroom, PS CC…”Wanna learn about them? Well, you’ll have to pay another $99.”

    Meanwhile, the Nikon D4 has been out for more than a year, and Kelby Training has not a single class about it. The nearest thing? The Nikon D3s, which was released nearly 4 years ago. If Kelby Training is for photographers, about photography, would you please at least add current camera power sessions for new cameras?