Lightroom 5 seems to have about as big a buzz as any version I’ve seen out there. Before I left on my trips last month, I locked myself in my office for a few weeks and recorded 4 in-depth Lightroom 5 classes for the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Importing and Organizing Your Photos
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Developing and Editing Your Photos
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Printing and Books
• Lightroom 5 In-Depth: Slideshows and Web

Why 4 Classes and Not Just One?
A while back, I thought that it would be good to break apart my Lightroom online training videos in areas that make sense. Rather than do one long huge class on Lightroom, I separated them into the main areas that people need to work with. The first on Organizing and Importing in to Lightroom is always the most popular. And of course, making your photos look great by developing and editing is a popular one too. Then I figured printing and books went well together. And finally showing off your photos via slideshows and the web seemed to fit into a class (although it’s a really short class ;) ).

A Free 24-Hour Trial
If you’re a NAPP member then these online courses are, of course, free. But if you’re not, we’d love you to become one :) And we’ve got a free 24-hour trial for you if you want to check it out.

Scott Has Some New Classes Too
Just before Lightroom 5 came out, Scott Kelby went into the studio too and knocked out some really cool classes too. The first one is retouching portraits in Lightroom. Now that Lightroom 5 has cloning and healing, we have the tools we need to get a lot of retouching done without Photoshop. The other class called Lightroom Killer Tips is exactly that. A class full of lots of little-known tips and tricks.

Again, if you’re a NAPP member you get these for free. Just log in to the members website and click the Online Training menu button at the top left. If not, then give the free 24-hour pass a try. Have a good one!