Photographing Something Different Than What You Showed Up For

We’re 4 days into our Washington workshop and we’ve had about as much variety as you can imagine. First we started off in the Palouse area of Washington. Then we drove up to Mt. Rainier for a day, and now we’re at Port Angeles near Olympic National Park. It’s been a whirlwind trip for sure, and the class has had PLENTY of great shooting opportunities.

One of them came tonight from Hurricane Ridge. What do you do when the area you showed up to shoot looks like this?

(click on the photo to see it larger)

Well, if you’re with Bill Fortney, you put on your macro lens and you start looking for other things to shoot. I’m always amazed when I shoot with Bill. Not only is he an amazing landscape photographer but he’s so incredibly good at seeing the photo, no matter where he is. Over the years of shooting with Bill I’ve learned that when you see him set his tripod down and start shooting, you can bet he’s on to something and you’d be smart to follow him around for a while. I’ll tell you this… every time that I don’t, he comes back with a photo that makes you wish you did :)

Anyway, after searching around for a while Bill pointed out some nice detail photos could be had, especially since what caused the cloudy weather left a little rain and mist on the leaves and trees nearby. Here’s a couple of photos take with the Nikon D800 and Nikon 105mm Macro lens.

(you DEFINITELY have to click to see this larger)

We’re keeping pretty brutal hours here since the sun sets so late and rises so early, but I gotta tell ya’ – it’s worth it. Gotta run. We’re meeting in the parking lot in just 4 hours (ouch!). Have a good one!

  • Catherine Martin

    Beautiful photo, Matt. I love your photography – I think it’s magnificent. Have a great time. Bill’s workshops are the best. I can’t wait to go to the one in September.

  • Capture Pod

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  • Bill Bentley

    Yup, I have almost the exact same pine needle image as you Matt, from earlier this year. I went up to one of our local lakes for some shooting and found that the rains had flooded the lake up to the tops of the picnic tables. So, just like you guys, I started to look around for other things to shoot. Oh, and the submerged picnic tables made for some interesting shots too.

  • Ron Rucker

    I was just there this past weekend.. you should have called.. I could have saved you the trip!! :o)) I too was a little disappointed with the cloud cover.. but there are a lot of other places to shoot in the area besides in the park.. Hope you had a great time anyway..