Inspiration: My “Favorite” Photos

Happy Friday everyone. I’ve probably mentioned it before, but 500px is the website I go to for my photo inspiration. During my usual surfing, I tend to “favorite” a lot of photos and I figured I’d post them here every now and then. Rather than taking the photos from the website or linking to each one, 500px has a “favorites” link under your account. So I figured I’d share them with you as a little weekend inspiration. You’ll find all kinds of photography in here, but mostly landscape and outdoors since that’s my favorite. And I’ll warn you now, if you click the link below you’ll not only get caught up looking at the photos I’ve favorited, but you’ll end up spending another hour on the site just surfing around looking at all the great photography :)

Here’s the link to my current Favorite Photos.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  • Dennis Zito

    Wow, Matt thanks for sharing! Those are some Gorgeous Photographs and very, very inspirational! However, I didn’t see any Matt Kloskowski photos … :-)


    • Les Howard

      Matt does have some photos there:
      500px is a great website for inspiration.

  • Eric C

    Matt, I KNOW this isn’t the place to post this, but had a lightroom question and already posted it on a couple of your other sites with no responses. Sorry to bother you as I know you are busy. I have had lr4 for a few months now and trying to get organized. Every article you have written that I have read seems to talk about organizing as if someone was importing 100 or so pictures from a photo shoot. My problem is that I have about 9,000 in my catalog, and I haven’t done anything with besides some basic editing. How do you recommend someone starting out getting everything organized? I know you aren’t a big keyword guy and you like collections, but with 2 young boys and tons of pictures of them i really don’t know where to start. If you have written an article could you send me the link. If you haven’t maybe an idea for a future article!? Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.

    • A.G. Photography

      In my opinion IF the LR catalog gets corrupted for whatever reason and you forgot to back it up, its gone. Make nominal folders on your hard drive, then “add” to LR, not make copies, the larger the catalog gets the slower LR runs, at least that is what I noticed. LR 4 is very slow already.
      I have 3 kids, and each had their own folder for their first year month by month, then I had them mixed together under a kids folder with the year, and then by month inside that folder. Then, inside of that I have a RAW folder, and a jpeg folder. That is because I only shoot RAW, if you don’t then you don’t need another folder. Then, I have folders for holidays, family trips, Disney trips, etc, but the most important is that they are sorted by clear names and dates. All of these other folders reside under a main one called: “Family 2013″.

      There is no easy way to organize if you have 9000 photos in LR already, it will take some time. You will have to start by date in LR, then select all from that date and export them to their own folders on your hard drive.

      Like this:
      At the bottom sort by “Capture Time”, so you can start organizing them by dates.

      But if you want to start over from scratch do this: when importing make an additional copy to a folder on the hard drive that you specify, so not everything is stored in LR in case the catalog crashes. See where it says copy up there, I usually choose add, but that’s because I’ve already imported the photos through Image Capture into their own folder on my hard drive.

      My workflow is like this: I open LR and import/”add” the photos, (not copy) then there’s back and forth between LR & PS/ILL, then when I am done with that set, I export the “processed” files into their own folder inside the new one created for this set. This is the easiest way for me to do this. I went digital in 2001, so I have done it this way since then. Plus, I don’t use the search feature in it as in “flagged”, “starred” etc., etc., UNLESS I am with a client and we pick stuff and organize it that way. That has happened once since the 1st version of LR.

      I agree, maybe Matt can make a video on how get this accomplished under Tips & Tricks on the Grid, and show how to do this step by step as i am sure you’re not the only one in this situation.

    • lvthunder

      First of all 9,000 pictures really isn’t a lot of pictures. I shot over 14,000 over four days at a workshop in Cancun. So here is how I deal with it. Each hard drive has its own library. With a lot of pictures you really can’t store them all in one place. When I import the images off the cards using Lightroom I point Lightroom to a folder and pick the option ‘Put All In One Folder’ or something and give the shoot a unique name. From there you can use stars, colors, flags, collections, etc. to sort out the best. That’s how I do it.

    • Les Howard

      Get a copy of Scott Kelby’s LR 4 book and read the first two chapters. Your main issue will be deciding how you want to organize things and you really need to make that decision before you import anything because trying to change it later will be a major headache.

      I have over 20,000 pictures in my single LR catalog and I have no performance problems on my iMac.

      On the other hand, my friend shoots weddings and he has even more pictures than me but he uses separate catalogs for each event. That would be a really painful approach for me however.

  • Peter Nord

    Ok, I looked. Now I have to throw my camera in the river.

  • Paul

    Thanks. These are great and inspiring. I particularly liked the Rainier wildflower photo by Nitin Kansal. I checked his website ( and the photos by this man, who lives in Seattle and shoots a lot in the area of the upcoming Palouse/Rainier/Olympic Workshop, are spectacular! Check him out!

  • David Latour

    Thanks Matt. Really inspiring. I saw you in Atlanta.Someone asked you which Wacom tablet you used. Can you put a link as to which one you use in a reply on here? I am looking get one.

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  • Fraucha

    There are times I go to 500px and sit in awe of what I see. I never get over saturated by all of the awesome photos…except the ones of cats.
    I like cats, don’t get me wrong!

  • Alex.G.

    Matt what do you think about this?

    Seems like a lot of photos from 500px end up on Pinterest and are keep being infringed upon; your thoughts?