Join Us Live Today With Adobe To Talk About Plans For Photographers

I’ll be going live with Adobe and Scott Kelby on our weekly talk show, The Grid, to talk about their plans for photographers in the Adobe Creative Cloud.

If you’re a photographer (pro or not, that uses Lightroom and Photoshop) and been wondering if the creative cloud makes sense for you then you’re not alone. I hear it in just about every seminar I teach. Well, Adobe is sending one of their guys here so we can grill him live about what they have in store for photographers in the cloud. Plus, he’s going to give a few sneak peaks about some technology to come. I hope you can join us live and jump in with your questions.

When: 4pm ET Today

  • wgchinn

    I guess no one was interested n answering your question/concerns for the non-working photographer. Yes, PS is available for #20, but how about those of us who use LR. I hope Tom considers the rest of us who don’t want to use a tablet nor a smartphone. By the way no one spoke up for android users and whether they get the same attention as the i hardware. As for showing the client the pic on a cell or a tablet, didn’t we discuss the impact of the printed pic. Thats why Spyder thrives.

  • wgchinn

    Sorry: n = in and #20 = $20

  • A.G. Photography

    Don’t know how/where else to ask: but is there a way to apply a watermark On the images taken with an iPhone while on the iPhone? Meaning not export out elsewhere.
    Any apps that you know off? Thank you.

  • Jorge

    I strongly disagree with a subscription model. I like to “OWN” stuff. not rent it. That’s what we are doing with PS. Even though I’ve been a LR user since Beta 1.0 I will jump ship to Aperture, Iridient Developer, Bibble, — anything but I WILL NOT pay ADOBE a subscription fee for LR. I understand Matts and Scott’s arguments – as well as their hesitation to disagree with Adobe. Hey, it’s their livelihood at stake here but I’ll be movin’ on if LR becomes a subscription based software.