Hey everyone. If you live in, near or around the Norway area I wanted to let you know I’ll be teaching at a conference there in late May. I was contacted last year to teach at the same conference and was so incredibly bummed that I already had a commitment. But there was no way I was letting it pass by again this year, so I’m in!

Here’s a link to the conference website. I’ll be teaching Photoshop along side 3 other gurus (Kenneth Sortland Myklebust, Tommy Luhtanen, and Guy M Huste). I personally can’t read the website ;) but I do know that I’ll be teaching my Photoshop compositing classes there.

I Need Some Photo Locations
I actually only teach for a day, but I’ll be there for 7 days so if anyone knows some great photography spots or a good photo guide (yeah, I know, it’s Norway – the whole country is a great photography spot), please let me know. I won’t really be able to make it that far north, but I’m going to be shooting my ass off for 7 days, so I’m open to anything. I’ll fly into Oslo, stay there for a few days and then my flight leaves from Bergen 5 days later. Everything in between is open.

I’m so excited to be a part of this conference and if you’re in the area I hope you can attend. I’ve heard such great things about the people in Norway, and I can’t wait for this trip to get here. Have a good one!