I’m Teaching (and photographing) In Norway This May

Hey everyone. If you live in, near or around the Norway area I wanted to let you know I’ll be teaching at a conference there in late May. I was contacted last year to teach at the same conference and was so incredibly bummed that I already had a commitment. But there was no way I was letting it pass by again this year, so I’m in!

Here’s a link to the conference website. I’ll be teaching Photoshop along side 3 other gurus (Kenneth Sortland Myklebust, Tommy Luhtanen, and Guy M Huste). I personally can’t read the website ;) but I do know that I’ll be teaching my Photoshop compositing classes there.

I Need Some Photo Locations
I actually only teach for a day, but I’ll be there for 7 days so if anyone knows some great photography spots or a good photo guide (yeah, I know, it’s Norway – the whole country is a great photography spot), please let me know. I won’t really be able to make it that far north, but I’m going to be shooting my ass off for 7 days, so I’m open to anything. I’ll fly into Oslo, stay there for a few days and then my flight leaves from Bergen 5 days later. Everything in between is open.

I’m so excited to be a part of this conference and if you’re in the area I hope you can attend. I’ve heard such great things about the people in Norway, and I can’t wait for this trip to get here. Have a good one!

  • Stefan

    Hi Matt,

    I have been to the Lofoten in the Svolvaer area in winter this year with a Dutch photography organisation called Nordic Vision (fotoreizen.net), it is an amazing area for landscape photography and if you are able to spend 2 days in that area I am sure you want to go back again. I guess you can be there within 4 hrs from Oslo (flight of 1,5 hrs and a flight of 20 minutes). Added a few pictures as example.

    Enjoy that beautiful country with ” a lot off, millons of” beautifull spots.

    If you need more info, feel free to contact me!

    Cheers Stefan

    • Stefan

      the picture thing didn’t work I see :-(

  • Ben Elliott

    Hey Matt, the train journey from Oslo to Bergen (Flamsbana Railway) in itself is amazing! Going down to Flam and then taking a boat around the fjords there is fantastic.
    Also, you could shoot down to Preikestolen near Stavanger for the classic overlook there.

    It may be a little far north, but Geirangerfjord is absolutely stunning. I did a trip to Norway and Iceland a few years back and am VERY jealous you get to go over there. Have fun mate!

  • http://markpovey.com/ Mark

    Hey Matt, I visited Norway last year and the country is stunning. For landscapes, the Fjords are breathtaking. As another commenter said the railway journeys are great too. The people were also really friendly. You’ll have a great time.

    I visited in June and the mornings tended to be quite foggy/misty, sunsets were gorgeous though.

  • kmoberg

    Matt, as someone who lives in Stavanger, I might be biased, but if you want the typical “Norwegian fjord” kind of shot – “Preikestolen” (Pulpit Rock in English – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preikestolen) is one of the most iconic and best sites around.

    It’s a 2 hour hike to get up there, but once you are there – it’s beautiful! Bunch of photos on 500px. http://bit.ly/YZhdLD

    Stavanger on it’s own is rather beautiful in spring and summer, both the city center and outside of town you’ll find things like Utstein Kloster, a 9th century old monastary that is being maintained to this day!

    If you need any tips or help, let me know! ;)

  • Christopher Helms

    Hi Matt

    Obviously the best answers will probably come from your readers and the comments below, but another resource to use is the Stuck on Earth app for the iPad that is put out by Trey Ratcliff’s company. I believe it is free, and is a crowdsourced database of photos and places to photograph put out for exactly this reason – to find the best spots to capture when you are heading to an unfamiliar location.

    Since it’s free, it seems at least worth checking out. Enjoy your trip!

    Also, will you be doing a (or some) video(s) for KelbyTraining.com while you are there?



    • Stefan

      Hi Christopher, thx for sharing this app, just looked at and indead it gives enough new inspiration!

  • Randal Jaffe

    I found the sod roofs in Oslo of interest. Although a non skier I enjoyed the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. The Opera House was interesting because of the ability to walk up to the roof but also the people. In Bergen make a trip to see Tvindefassen Falls. Obviously one has to take the tram to the top (near the fish market which of course must be visited) and a boat trip on a fjord.

  • http://twitter.com/neilknudsen neil knudsen

    Being of Norwegian decent, and having been there 2x; all of the above locations are excellent choices! But like they say; if you go to Norway and don’t see the fjords, don’t bother going! Bergen is wonderful for the old-quaint shooting. So much to see—so little time. Good luck:) (Wish I could be there.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jan.hebel Jan Hebel

    Been there at least a dozen times. Oslo has a few photographic opportunities, but the fjords and Bergen are stunning

  • http://twitter.com/photoontheroad Giuseppe M. Galasso

    Hi Matt.

    Between Oslo and Bergen there is a tiny village called Finse. It’s very easy to get there: it has a station along the Oslo-Bergen train line.

    Once there you have few houses, just one empty road, a glacial lake and a true arctic landscape with all the tones of ochre, rocks, moss and glaciers a bit away. It is a very interesting spot for photographers.

    Greetings from Italy


  • Andrew Caldwell
  • Fredrik Knoph

    As you can see from the above replies, you shoud get out of Oslo as soon as possible, and head to Bergen. Maybe I’m a bit biased as I’m from Bergen myself, but the city was elected the second prettiest city in Europe a few years ago.

    An obvious start is Bryggen, the old wooden houses close to the Fish Market. But don’t just shoot these from the front (as everybody else does), take a walk in between them too. I would also suggest heading towards Nordnes as you will find a lot of old, picturesque wooden houses there. The same can be found in Sandviken. If you bring your Big Stopper along, take a trip to Golten, but you will need a guide with a car for that.

    Too bad I live in Dubai right now (didn’t see you at GPP2013…), but I’ll see if some fellow photographers would like to help you out.

  • Anders Palovaara

    Hi. Lysebotn, Lysefjorden is very nice. I was there in 2010 the weather wasn’t that great.


  • Hans-Petter Eitvet

    Hi Matt

    So cool that you are going to visit Norway :-)

    I recently moved from Oslo to the northwestern part of Norway (Ålesund, north of Bergen). First and foremost because of family but also because of the fjords and steep mountains.

    While you’re in Oslo:

    Street photography:
    The Grønland area is a melting pot of many different cultures and sub cultures (I would think twice to go there after dark).

    Jordal skating park (Many super skaters here, friendly place): http://www.tacky.no/skateboard/spot/87
    Tryvann Summer park (Downhill): http://www.visitnorway.com/us/Product/?pid=161719

    Typical tourist places:
    Vigelandsparken is a large sculpture park telling the story of life (from birth to death) – absolute worth a visit
    Holmekollen ski jump

    Operahuset (fantastic building, shaped like a Glacier)
    The Bar-code area
    Gamlebyen (old city)
    Ekebergresturanten (nice view over Oslo, expensive food (good coffee))
    Norsk folkemuseum (http://www.norskfolkemuseum.no/en/). Shows norwegian architecture from many centuries

    On the way to Bergen you have a couple of options to consider.

    Option 1
    Take the train to Myrdal (on the way to Bergen). Then take the Flåmsbanen to Flåm (http://www.visitflam.com/). Then a boat to Bergen (I think it’s via Balestrand)

    The lowest price for one Adult all the way to Flåm is $90.64 (including Flåmsbanen). This is a direct link to the railway: http://bit.ly/hpefoto_oslo_flam

    images for Flåmsbanen: https://www.google.com/search?q=Fl%C3%A5msbanen&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=XS51UciLO6Wr4ASZ_YDwCQ&ved=0CGQQsAQ&biw=1920&bih=1075

    Option 2
    Take a flight to Bergen and experience one of the finest cities in Norway. Fantastic atmosphere, beautiful location.
    Bergen is the second largest city in Norway but the cityscape is much more beautiful than Oslo (some will even say that the people are friendlier too but I’m from Oslo so I don’t really know :-)).

    A lot of things is happening in Bergen in May/June, check out http://www.visitbergen.com/en/ for more information

    Option 3
    If you don’t mind spending some time driving (and camping) while you explore a small part of the country. You could rent a car (early) on Friday (in Oslo) and return the car in Bergen on Sunday or Monday.

    Keywords for this travel:
    Places: Tyinkrysset, Øvre Årdal, Turtagrø, Gamle Strynefjellsvei, Geiranger, Flåm
    stuff to see: Winding roads up and down steep mountains, Steep mountains, snow, large water falls, glaciers, small villages, warm and gentle people, long and deep fjords, local food

    I’ve done this trip my self and can absolutely recommend this. If you consider this I can provide you with an itinerary including some beautiful places to shoot.

    I know… your time frame is short so this is an extremely optimistic option and maybe better suited for a 14 day vacation. But the trip is doable on two long days

    Shooting in Norway
    Since you’re based in Florida you will see that the sun path is much lower in Norway. In May/June the elevation is around +49.50 degrees and the sun is rising around 4 in the night and sets around 11 in the evening – giving you 19 hours of shooting with a long and beautiful sunset.

    Oh… One last thing to remember…
    Norway is expensive so here is a list of things to think about.
    Tap water is free and tastes good (almost…) anywhere i Norway (ironically this is not true where I live).
    Buy your lunch at the grocery store and enjoy it in a local park (while doing street photography)
    At the time of writing the cost for 1 liter of gas is about $2.40
    A bottle of water (1.5 liter) is about $3.43

    Anyway – welcome to Norway. I hope you have a great stay here and that you want to come back to explore more.

  • Senor Wafflez

    Too bad I just found out about this, otherwise I would attend. Head it on The Grid today.

    If you’re into old buildings surrounded by beautiful landscape, I recommend you visit Dikemark and Lier about an hour drive west of Oslo. Both places have buildings from the early 1900.

    If you need a guide, I’d be happy to show you.

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