See that dork holding the magazine in the poorly lit and worst background area in our office? That’s me holding the latest issue of Photoshop User with my feature article “Photoshop for Landscape Photographers” in it. I just got my copy a few days ago and was psyched at the way my 9-page feature turned out. So psyched that I was able to grab a PDF of the article for you to download here. My hope is that you won’t just take the article and run, but also consider joining NAPP because this is the kind of stuff you get all year long. For example, the latest issue of Photoshop User Magazine is 110 pages and you get it 10 times a year. Not to mention I think the member website with the online training is worth it by itself (you can try it for 24-hours for free by the way).

Here’s a link to download the article.

Here’s a link to NAPP’s 24-hour free trial page to sign up (no credit card needed).

Enjoy the article. Have a good one!