Photo Critiques, onOne Software, Web Portfolios, and Live Photography Shows All In One Post

Okay, lot’s of clickable fun going on today.

1. Scott Kelby and I (along with Dave Black) are doing live blind photo critiques today on our weekly talk show, The Grid. Here’s the link if you want to submit your images to be considered (keep in mind we get hundreds if not thousands of submissions, and can only pick 15 people). And here’s the link if you want to watch the show live.

2. onOne Software (makers of my favorite plug-ins) featured me in a blog post called “How I Use Perfect Photo Suite 7″. I go over what filters and effects I used on some of my images. Here’s the link.

3. I’ve added a few photos to my portfolio in case you want to check it out here. By the way, ever since I did the blog post on how I moved my portfolio over to Squarespace, I’ve been getting absolute rave reviews from people who’ve tried it themselves. If you’re looking for a photography portfolio then you owe it to yourself to check them out.

4. The Opteka camera rain covers I mentioned yesterday are now sold out from Amazon (with no restock date listed). I found them on Opteka’s website though, but they cost $29 which is a little more than Amazon had them for. But if you need one, remember, just as NOTHING in photography costs $20, NOTHING in photography costs $30 either ;)

5. A recent newly-made friend of mine (and incredible photographer) Hudson Henry, is hosting a contest where he’s giving away one of his prints as well as some software from onOne. Here’s the link to enter the contest.

6. Below is a video I did with Scott Sheppard and Laurie Rubin on the Nik Radio Fireside Chat (even though we weren’t fireside). We talk photography, inspiration, favorite gear for landscapes and lots of other stuff.

  • Florian Cortese

    Matt, I really enjoyed the NIK interview. I am interested in landscape photography and have a subscription to kelby training, and I enjoyed you sharing your expertise on landscape photos. I’ve watched several Moose Peterson and Bill Fortney video sessions. It would be nice if you could do a session on one of the kelbytv venues on how you do your long exposure pictures using ND filters; camera settings, how to focus ?with or without filters, etc. Thanks again for all you and the kelby media crew do to help us fellow photographers learn and improve.


  • Maayan Windmuller

    Hey Matt, I saw you talking about Squarespace on one of the last Grid episodes and it really looks like something I might want to try. One of the things I really like about 500px and Google+ is the possibility to upload directly from Lightroom, without having to export my photo first (and then do it again jut because I forgot to geotag it or because I tweaked it a little bit). I searched for a LR plug-in, but couldn’t find anything so far… What is your work flow with Squarespace?