Heading To WPPI In Las Vegas – Anything You’d Like To See?

Hey everyone. As I write this I’m on a plane heading to WPPI out in Las Vegas. Kelby Training has a booth there that I’ll be speaking at today and tomorrow and, overall, I’ll be roaming the Expo along with some meetings through out the next few days. I always like getting to check out the expo’s at conferences like this to see what’s coming up and buzzing in the industry. But if you’ve got any specifics on questions from an expo vendors or products (but you can’t make it out to WPPI), let me know and I’ll do my best to do some research and write about it here.

Also, here’s a youtube link to some videos that our team did on the first day. Tether Tools, Lowell, and Westcott are among the companies in this first round.


Have a good one!

  • http://www.JasonJosephStudio.com/ Jason Joseph

    Hey Matt! I’m rather interested in any and all things to do with tablets and products that help to better integrate them into workflows. ( Tether tools is a superb example ) ( have something being manufactured for tablets ( starting with the iPad) its patent pending and we have a few prototypes. I’m actually planning on talking to Tether tools to see if they will integrate with us a bit.. we make their product even more useful.

    Softwares .. apps.. mounting solutions… anything and everything tablet.

    Video looks good nice speedy intro… straight to the meat n potatoes. I dig it.

    You guys have a safe trip back ! And dont let Scott forget Kalebra’s chocolates! :)

    • http://www.mattk.com/ Matt Kloskowski

      Cool! Let me know when it’s ready to show. For me personally, I’m really dying for a tablet/camera interface that let’s me shoot tethered to the tablet when there’s no “official” wi-fi signal available. For example, out in the middle of nowhere and I want to see my landscape photos larger on the tablet rather the tiny screen on my camera to check sharpness, etc…
      Thanks for the good wishes – I’ll make sure Scott picks up some chocolates :-)

      • http://www.JasonJosephStudio.com/ Jason Joseph

        Will do. Should have been done already but the manufacturer wasn’t exactly honest with me from the get go…just a hurdle.

        So do you mean something other than an Eyefi card? Thats what I use. In fact it sparked my invention. (I even arranged with them to have them offer their cards to my customers for a discount)

        The new PhaseOne iQ backs transfer wirelessly! I’m not sure exactly what type of files they are flinging over..or how fast they show up for that matter but it was just presented in their recent video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZnNlsum_Gg Perhaps its sending over smaller jpegs. Doubly impressive if its the full file and they are showing up quickly.. but then you would run out of space on a 64gb iPad in a heartbeat,

        Im shooting a video showcasing CaptureOne and tethered shooting and simultaneously sending images to an iPad and also ann iPhone, this weekend during a fashion shoot at Trump Towers ( I had to toss that in there cause yea.. it just sounds cool haha) After its put together I was planning on contacting them to see if they have an interest in it, and Im going to ask about the details of this new tech. Not that Im in the market for it but Im incredibly curious.

        • http://www.JasonJosephStudio.com/ Jason Joseph

          PS you didnt get the new Disqus 2012 features turned on yet? Where it ads: ” If you enjoyed this post you may also enjoy xyz posts ( and pulls in your other posts at the end of the post) ?

      • http://www.JasonJosephStudio.com/ Jason Joseph


  • FastPrime

    Matt … If you are offering to check a few things out for us, I’d really like to know when Adobe plans to have a Lens Correction profile done for the new Nikkor f/4 70-200mm VR lens. It’s an awesome lens with a great feel to it, but there is no profile for it yet in LR4. Otherwise, enjoy your time there! Are you doing any shooting after the event?

  • John_Skinner

    Have a good time Matt…

    And if you are near them, and can press them. I’d be very interested in what Nikon has planned for the next pro body. Seeing as the scale was so limited between the D3s and the D4. Whatever you can squeeze out of em. I’m looking to upgrade here, but don’t want a 24MP D4s(x) popping out in another 2 months from now.