Free Lightroom Presets – Spot Retouching and Removal

Last week I did a post on removing spots from your photos if you’re printing (and just how important it is). Well, it got such a good response that it got me thinking about some Lightroom presets and creating some for visualizing spots to make them easier to remove. Now, I know there’s ways to create a preset in the Tone Curve panel, but I also know people love the actual Presets panel too, so I wanted to make some presets that worked there too.

They’re pretty simple. There’s one for skies (and outdoor photos in general, but mostly skies) and one for studio work (mostly white/gray backdrops). I’ve also included one for resetting the Tone Curve panel, but it’ll leave everything else as is so you won’t lose any other changes to your photos.

Here’s a few samples:

Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!

  • Vicki Iseminger

    Thank you!

  • Michael Matthews

    As always, your presets are greatly appreciated.

  • John Steiner

    Matt, I had previously used your technique of the sine waves in the Tone Curve. In your opinion which method is better?

  • afroniquely | shae

    Thanks Matt!! Also, question. The bio/twitter/fb/g+ tabbed section you have below the post, how did you get that? Is there a plugin you are using? Please share. Thanks

  • Mark Zukowski

    Thanks so much for the presets, Matt. They’re tremendously useful to me as I make a lot of large prints of my photos and sometimes it’s hard to see a dust spot before it makes its way onto a print. Your presets will save me time and money, and that’s always a good thing!

  • Rik Groves

    Matt, awesome again! Your tips are really great. Thanks so much for offering all this information on such a regular basis. They’re always such a help to me!

  • JohnLeJeune

    Thanks Matt,

    Scott showed us this curves technique at his “Photoshop” Kelby Training Live seminar in Boston and I was wondering if it also worked in Lightroom. This answers the question. Thanks so much for the presets!

  • jduncan77

    Hi Matt,
    I’m a new LR user (received 3 as a gift) and am wondering about making the upgrade to 4- it seems like all the presets I’m seeing are for “only” LR4. BUT- I’m also seeing a lot of comments from people about how it is a slower program and how difficult it is to update past versions and photos, etc. Do you have a link or a previous article about making the upgrade and how? Obviously you would recommend doing the upgrade? Have most of the “kinks” that all these people (on different forums) are talking about been fixed? Thanks for any and all info. Kinda clueless as to how to proceed!

  • Susan Scharenberg

    So cool about paging down in the Preview — who knew? (Matt K knew!!) Thanks for the presets and all your great advice.

  • Van

    Hey Matt…. did you clean your sensor since? lol….

  • Gotlieb Nakuumba

    Thanks for free presets! Amazing.

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