A Free Lightroom Video And A Few Links To Check Out Today

Happy Friday everyone. I’m a little late on the blogginess for the day, but here’s a few things to check out as you’re surfing around this weekend.

1. I did a video over on Lightroom Killer Tips based on my post yesterday (about removing spots). This video shows two killer Lightroom tricks to help get rid of those spots. It’s on youtube, but I’ve embedded the video below if you want to watch it.

2. Finally! My fellow Photoshop Guy Corey Barker has a blog. I’ve been after Corey for years to start a blog to share his stuff. He’s incredibly talented and I think it’s really important for him to have a place to share some of his inspiration, thoughts, designs, etc… Make sure you stop by and welcome Corey to the blog world.

3. Double Finally!!! My other fellow Photoshop Guy Pete Collins has a blog too. Pete’s been with us for almost two years so I haven’t been on him to start a blog as long as I’ve been on Corey :) But I’m really excited he’s got one going too. Pete is one of those guys that’s got so much talent in so many areas he makes me sick. Not only is he a top-notch photographer (you’ll see that in his portfolio), but he’s a killer artist as well. And now he’s got a place to show it all to you. Here’s the link to Pete’s blog so stop by and say hi to him as well.

Don’t forget, here’s the Lightroom video.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend everybody!

  • Dianne A

    Thanks for the tips both yesterday and today. I’m just preparing some photos for large-size printing and this advice will likely save me some re-printing aggravation. THX!!

  • http://twitter.com/TIBoine Tor Ivan Boine

    Nice tip with the page down. But, I don´t have a page down button on my Apple BT keyboard.

  • http://twitter.com/deford Deford

    Hi Matt –

    I’m going to cheat and come to your direct site for an answer hopefully.

    I’m watching your video on LR 4 over on Kelby Training… and I was curious…

    How do you Move files from your source to your destination. The option doesn’t light up, and it’s not even gray as a possible option.

    When you cursored over it, it didn’t light up as an option.

    What do you do?



    • http://www.mattk.com/ Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Doug – as long as the drive is connected you can move files from one drive to another just be dragging them in the folders panel.