News Update And Stuff (Zion, Lightroom Magazine, Seminars and Nikon Workshops)

Hey everyone. Here’s a quick news (and other stuff) update.

Zion National Park’s “Subway”
First, I stumbled across this article the other day. Interesting to see another lottery system. I’ve always known there was a lottery system to get into The Wave in Arizona, but I never knew Zion had one too. Anyway, I’ve been to Zion a couple of times so far, but never been able to get out to the place they call “The Subway”. It’s a cylindrical slot canyon that’s become extremely popular over time. Not only for photographers, but just hikers in general flock there to make the trip and take in the sites. Would you take the trip? Me personally, I’m not really wow’d by the photos, but a huge part of photography for me is the journey to the location too. So, even though they probably wouldn’t be my favorite photos of all (and I’d know that going in), I’d still probably make the hike just to see it. Would you?

Lightroom Magazine Issue 3 Is Out
The 3rd issue of Lightroom Magazine is out. One of the articles that’s been getting a lot of buzz is the article on color management between Lightroom and Photoshop by one of the industry’s top experts, Joe Brady. Here’s the full Table of Contents for the issue and here’s the link to the magazine app on the iTunes store.


I’ll Be Teaching Lightroom in Phoenix In Two Weeks
I’m teaching my Lightroom 4 Live seminar in Phoenix, AZ on March 22nd. There’s still time to snag a ticket if you’re going to be around that day. The seminar has been getting incredibly great reviews and feedback, and I really think it’s a great way to kickstart (or reignite) your Lightroom workflow.

Nikon’s Got A HD-SLR Video 2-Day Workshop Coming to Clearwater, FL
Last year, I had the chance to attend a Nikon HD-SLR 2-day video workshop. I wrote a little about the weekend in case you want to read it. Well, they’re bringing the workshop to Clearwater, FL in April. If you’re into learning about video and your DSLR, this workshop is awesome. They bring EVERYTHING. So not only do you get to learn all about it, but you get to try out a bunch of gear. Honestly, that was my favorite part. You get your hands on a lot of different gear and you figure out pretty quick what you like and don’t like, so when you leave you have a better feeling for what direction you want to go. Here’s the link if you want to find out more about it.

That’s it for today. Have a good one!

  • Patrick Magee

    The best Zion Subway images I’ve seen are from Sean Bagshaw at (search for “subway”)

  • Amudgarden

    I’ve been to the Subway once before…the experience is in the physically demanding hike to get there and back. The pictures are OK…nothing amazing, but they are unique in that anyone who has been there will recognize images from there immediately. It’s not a hike for anyone who isn’t in good shape…especially if you’re lugging along a D800 and a couple of wide angle lenses.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      You know how people work out with weight vests on? I workout with my D800 and 2 lenses + tripod. People make fun of me as I run down the road, but I know I’m training for a bigger purpose ;-)

  • Paul B

    Having been a Utah resident for many years the Subway is considered a classic hike. Certainly one of the top 10 in the State. It is a difficult hike but I’m sure you are capable of completing it. A concern for photographers is getting your gear wet. There are a few short rappels that are in water. At the the end of one rappel is a brief (cold) swim. The water level can vary a lot. While not a “stunning” place to photograph it would be more about the adventure. The Park Service can give you an update on conditions. If you come out west you could do the Subway as one potential activity. There are lots of other great places to photograph in Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, etc. I know you already know the beauty of the eastern part of the state near Moab, Arches and Cnayonlands!