Heading To Arlington and Atlanta For Some Lightroom Training (and an interesting trend I’m seeing)

Hey everyone. I’ll be on my way this morning to Dallas/Arlington for my Lightroom Live Seminar on Wednesday and to Atlanta for the same seminar on Friday. It’s always a little hard to keep up with blogging during weeks like this, but I’ve got some stuff I really want to write about, so hopefully I’ll have some time to get some posts going.

I did want to mention an interesting trend I’ve been seeing at the seminars. Over the last 6 months, I’ve noticed a lot more people asking questions about Photoshop Elements and how they can integrate it with Lightroom. I used to get maybe 2-3 at every seminar. Now I’m getting at least 5 times that (which usually means many more people are wondering about it).

Back when Elements 11 came out in September, I wrote a post called “Why I think Elements 11 is the best version yet”. It was pretty popular and still gets quite a bit of traffic here on the blog which tells me that people are indeed using (or thinking about using) Elements.

Anyway, I figured I’d mention it here to see it hit home with anyone. I figure that most of you probably came from watching Lightroom and Photoshop training I’ve done in the past, so I don’t expect a huge number of comments saying they use Elements, but I thought it was an interesting trend nonetheless. Maybe at least let me know if Elements is something you’re considering in the future, or even considering buying it for a friend or relative who may be into photography.

And don’t forget I have some more Lightroom seminars coming up. For now, all I’m sure of is that I’ll be in Phoenix on March 22nd. But I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything new.

As always, if you’re reading this and coming out to the seminar today, make sure you come up and say hi. Have a good one!

  • Peter Nord

    I teach old geezer photography (over 50) at the local U. I always recommend that they use Elements to replace the free software they use. They don’t want to learn Photoshop. They just want to know enough to enjoy photos of family and vacations.

  • Scott King

    I’ve never used elements and couldn’t live without photoshop. However I teach college and at least half my students in Digital Photography II this semester have elements on their home computer but don’t have photoshop. They constantly complain about having to come into the lab to use the CS6 software.

  • Peter de Rooij

    I am actually a LR4 + PSE10 user. 99% LR and 1% PSE (and occasionally OnOne Perfect Layers). I generally have a light hand in processing and I use PSE pretty much only for the context aware patch tool. The new LR4 basic panel made a full PS even more overkill for me. I’d rather spend the cash on a lens or a trip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tony.mortimer.520 Tony Mortimer

    I also use LR4 and Perfect Effects for 98% of my processing and PS Elements for context aware cleanups and occasional critical selections. Have purchased OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 7.1 and am looking forward to the additional masking and portrait capabilities to lessen use of PSE. Full PS interface is too murky for me. I think Adobe would be well served to merge PSE into LR and they would find a much larger, broader market. There are a lot of us advanced hobbyists out here that would venture into photo editing with this friendly interface, I think.

    Tony Mortimer

    • Mika

      Same goes for me, though I’m a regular and heavy user of the Perfect Suite 7. Since the Suite has gotten a clone stamp tool with it’s latest update, Photoshop gets even more dusty on my harddrive.

      I don’t expect Adobe to integrate Elements into Lightroom and frankly don’t want them to do either. Lightroom is a “professional” application and Elements contains way too much “toys” for the unexperienced. Don’t get me wrong, but both are totally different beasts.

      • sey rosen

        PsE 11 in ‘expert’ mode is now a fully ‘professional’ too. Yes, the ‘toys’ for the inexperienced can be too much, but on the other hand, you’ll be very surprized as to how many times a ‘toy’ is all you need to make a good photograph a little better.

  • Dennis Zito

    Ok, this is going to sound strange to you. I’ve had so many problem with LR 4 and plug-ins, that I’ve pretty much given up on LR 4. No one seems to have the answers to my problems … both Nik and Adobe. Now, I’m having a real issue with Perfect Photo Suite 7 in CS 6. PPS7 is sooooo slow to respond. Takes 10 seconds to change the cursor so I can click or move a slider. I have all the power in the world on my computer … iMac 27″ late 2012 (thin), with 1TB hard drive, 32 GB memory and it take 10 sec for a cursor to change? With Lightroom … after I use a plug in it keeps wanting to load the photo over and over and I can’t get anything done! I have to quit and restart for the problem to go away! This problem was in my Windows computer as well, so it’s not a Mac related problem. Sorry, but I got really frustrated this morning when working on some photos, and when I saw your post … i decided I let you know. I about to give up on PPS7 and Nik.

    Have a Great time in Arlington and Atlanta … I know you’ll knock’em dead!

    Safe travels,


  • Tom Sliter

    I’m a LR 4 and Nik plug-in suite user for 95%+ of my work. I’ll use Elements 10 for its pixel editor and for its layout (borders) and artistic effects. Since I’m usually already going from raw files to a .tiff to use the Nik plug-ins, using Elements 10 as yet another external editor isn’t a biggie. Great blog, BTW.

  • David

    I use LR4, PS CS6, Nik and Topaz. However, many members of a couple of Photo Clubs I belong to, use Elements … ‘seems’ [not a scientific term] that the Elements users easily out number the combination of LR and PS users.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobharron Bob Harron

    I use LR4 and PSE. I wonder if the day will come when PSE will be offered without the Organizer component.

  • Les Howard

    I use LR4+CS6 and I also belong to a local photo club. Many club members often ask me for advice. I usually recommend they start with Lightroom because it allows them to manage their photo collection, it does all the basic editing (ie developing) many of them need, and it gives them all the output tools they need. In addition, most of those same members already have some version of Elements. I’ve never been asked that specific question but LR has always had the ability to integrate PSE into the workflow.

    Matt, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re seeing that question more and more but the reason is the opposite of what you think. Instead of LR users switching from PS to PSE, you have PSE users switching to LR but still needing some of the PSE features.

  • ernie decker

    I’ve had LR since the beginning and had PSE even before that. I’ve
    never had full PS. Elements does all that anyone needs for basic editing
    if it can’t be done in LR. Full PS is just not needed by 90% of people.

    In fact, I have always wished, when you “photoshop guys”
    give tips, you would also say if that same tip works in PSE (it often
    does) or how it would be done a little differently in PSE.

  • Walt Danker

    I have LR4 and just picked up PSE 11 for free when I bought my Intuos5 tablet. Thanks to the inclusion of content aware in PSE11, I have a hard time justifying purchasing CS6.

    I agree with Ernie’s comments below. If I get CS6 eventually, it will be more because the education blogs I read are Photoshop focused. I have not found the same amount of high quality education for PSE. (Kudos to you and the folks at Kelby training who are a large part of what I read.)

  • sey rosen

    I’ve been using Ps , PsE and Lightroom ever since my moving to the digital world – I’m an oldish bugger who’s been snapping for 45+years.
    I’ve always maintained that Ps is overkill for photographers, after all it is a GRAPHICS program and even the most meticulous photographer only uses 5 -10% of Photoshop’s potential.
    Lightroom and Elements have grown up and now both are fully fledged PHOTOGRAPHER’S tools. So much so that my CS5 Ps is totally redundant and about to be removed from my PC. PsE 11 working in tandem with Lr 4.3 are more than adequate for the most discerning photographer. PsE 11 does (almost) all that Ps can do photographically. PsE11 can be used ‘professionally’ without the ‘toys’ that exist for the ‘casual’ user. Add to that a few Topaz, OnOne and/or Nik presets and there should be no photographer who lacks PHOTO software.

  • runspud

    Photography is a hobby for me. Had PS-found I used it very little once LR got more meaty. I too really enjoy doing tutorials online and reading blogs and the vast majority use full PS-so I feel like to keep up to speed I do too. BUT the cost of PS and now the “rental” fee route Adobe is pushing-I’m feeling p-off at the company in general. And don’t want to reward them with more of my business. I have to buy new PS software because my PS3 was on my PC–I recently had to buy a new computer and went to Mac and they won’t let me switch the software to the Mac. Thanks a lot. I wasn’t looking to get an upgrade-simply let the software I fully paid for work for a different platform. I don’t know what I’m going to do now—frustrated.