Video: Photo Workflow From Start to Finish

Last week I was extremely honored to be featured in another episode of onOne Software’s Perfect Inspiration series, hosted by Brian Matiash (and I’m totally stealing it at my blog post for the day) ;) Basically, it’s like a Before/After video where you take a photo from start to finish. The photo above is the one I used and I tell a quick story about shooting it and then jumping into processing in Lightroom, Photoshop, and Perfect Effects. Plus, the website has a quick write up I did about some of the inspiration behind the photo. You can even download the “before” image if you want to follow along.

Here’s the link to the video and post over on onOne’s website. And a big thanks to everyone over at onOne and Brian for including me this week. Have a good one!

  • Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt,

    Is this the Webinar that was canceled or is it a new one? I’ll be heading over to onOne to take a look!



    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hey Dennis – It’s not the webinar, just one video. However, I did do the webinar. I pre-recorded it so they can put it online until the live webinar stuff gets worked out. Thanks.

      • Dennis Zito

        Hey Matt,

        That was a Great video! I haven’t done much with onOne Perfect Suite 7 … but I’m going to start looking into it. I like the fact that you can make all the adjustments you want and then go back to PS or Lightroom. However, I can see why would got back to PS … more flexibility!

        Thanks again!


  • Jim Helwig

    Hi Matt,

    Clicked on the llink, but could not find your video. Any suggestions? Thanks for all the great tips and presets.Jim Helwig

    • Matt Kloskowski

      I just checked. It’s on the page. Just scroll down.

  • David Latour

    Good stuff Matt. Always enjoy the Before and After Videos. Always learn something

  • steveWetzel

    Very nice Matt. Are you guys considering a Perfect Photo Suite Training Class at

  • John Swarce

    Thanks for the before and after video, Matt. PPS 7 is really good…glad I upgraded to it.

  • Gen Vagula

    Thanks for the video Matt, educational as always. Reminded the thing i wanted you to to ask to cover in The Grid show. As more and more of us would like to make a videos with explaining how we do certain things or work in LR or PS, could you cover the items we should know to make them better. Preparation, speech, things to remember or notice or exercise etc. Thanks.

  • Guest

    Matt, fantastic video. Thank you for sharing. I love the radial and motion blur effects. I’m definitely trying those next time I shoot the water.

    Fr those who can’t find the video, it’s Episode 44, presently 3rd from the top.

  • Bob Dundon

    Matt, I too love your before/after videos. A question if I may:

    How did you get the PPS7 standalone app to launch when you selected Perfect Effects 4 from the Automate menu in PS6. I can’t find how to set that preference. When I try it from Automate, just the Perfect Effects 4 module opens for me.