Hey everyone. I’m really psyched to be back in Austin today teaching my Lightroom seminar to nearly 400 people. I just got back from my favorite tex-mex restaurant, Chuy’s (one of my favorite things about coming to Austin). Now, last time I was here was almost exactly 2 years ago. Sadly, it snowed in some surrounding areas and downtown Austin was covered in ice. So only about half the people were able to show up for the seminar. I’m happy to report that today it’s supposed to be beautiful so we shouldn’t have any wintery-weather issues.

Anyway, I’ve been playing catch up all day from being out of the office last week and then for a couple of days this week, so there’s not much to report. I did, however, just find out that everyone who signs up for my live compositing pre-conference workshop at Photoshop World (co-teaching Glyn Dewis) will get my compositing book for free.

And don’t forget I have some more Lightroom seminars coming up. I’ll be in Arlington, TX and Atlanta in mid-February and Phoenix on March 22nd (it’s not up on the website yet but it will be soon).

As always, if you’re reading this and coming out to the seminar today, make sure you come up and say hi. Have a good one!