Lightroom Magazine Update

I’m heading out to Austin today for my Lightroom seminar tomorrow. It’s a miserable day for air travel in the southeast (hence the photo above). After racing to make a connection in Atlanta, I’ve just gone through the worst turbulence I think I’ve ever felt. Anyway, while I’m in the air I thought I’d write a quick update on some common Q&A’s I’ve gotten for Lightroom Magazine (link to app store).

DISCLAIMER: This post is only meant for people who have an iPad AND have (or wish to) download the Lightroom Magazine app on their iPad. If you don’t fall into that category, then stop reading now because you’ll just end up leaving a mean comment that will eventually get deleted.

Q. Are the download issues resolved? It was taking forever to download or it simply just timed out on me.
A. Yes! Thank god! There were some issues with where the file was hosted and it’s a longer story than you care to hear. But we got everything sorted out in the first few days, and I haven’t heard a peep about long download times since.

Q. Will you still be including Lightroom articles in Photoshop User Magazine?
A. Of course. It’s kinda funny because people seemed to automatically assume the worst – that we were launching a Lightroom magazine to make more money, by taking away Lightroom content from Photoshop User magazine. Now, don’t get me wrong. We’re definitely launching Lightroom magazine to be profitable, but we’re not taking anything away from Photoshop User Magazine. It’s still the same magazine it always was with the same amount of Lightroom content. But now, people who don’t use Photoshop much (and believe me, my seminars tell me those numbers are growing), can have a magazine totally dedicated to the program they use most.

Q. Why isn’t the magazine app in Newsstand?
A. Because Newsstand requires that you have subscriptions. Right now we don’t have subscriptions, so we can’t be in Newsstand.

Q. What about subscriptions? Will you offer them?
A. For now, we’re not planning on it. Along with subscriptions, comes a whole slew of other issues. For now, we’d like to concentrate on creating a great magazine app.

Q. Is it true you guys get huge kick backs from Apple for releasing iOS only magazine apps?
A. Absolutely! In fact, I’m not even sure why we’re charging $4.99 for the magazine. With the money we make in kickbacks from making an iOS only magazine app, we’ve been burning $100 dollar bills as kindling for our fires, we have so much of it ;) (that’s a winky face by the way, which means I’m kidding).

(This photo is just here because I thought the clouds outside of my plane looked cool, and to divert your attention from the iOS/Android debate that will eventually happen :) )

Q. Why did you include Photoshop content in a Lightroom magazine? I’d rather the Before/After video using Lightroom and Photoshop stop at the point where you’re done with Lightroom. Don’t we already have Photoshop User magazine for that stuff?
A. Yes, Photoshop User is the magazine for Photoshop. But I chose to include Photoshop content in the magazine (mostly just the Before and After video) because not including it, is only showing people part of the process. Let’s face it, Lightroom’s retouching, cloning and healing tools just aren’t there. If you’ve got a telephone wire in your photo you’d like to remove, you need Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. Plus, there’s a bunch of other things you can use Photoshop for. So, while Lightroom is the program we all start in, sometimes you need that extra step. Trust me, I hear more and more from people out there that Lightroom is the only program they use and they don’t want to leave it. If that works for ya’, then great. But there are things it just can’t do and I think part of having a magazine on Lightroom is showing you when you’ll need something else. And if you really just want a Lightroom Before/After video then you can simply press the STOP button when I jump to Photoshop.

Q. What about the Android version?
A. Really?! :) Nothing has changed. Like before, consider yourself warned before you leave a comment.

To finish up, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has made this launch of Lightroom Magazine a success. We’ve already shattered our initial estimates on how many people we thought would download the magazine. I do apologize for any inconvenience concerning download issues at first and hopefully all of those problems are past us. We’re finishing up Issue #3 now, and I’ll keep you posted with more info soon. Thanks :)

  • lvthunder

    You can only do so much at a time. It’s not like iOS and Android even use the same language.

    • Stan

      I get that, but Matt seemed pretty adamant that this is and always will be iOS only. That just seems very shortsighted to me seeing as how large the Android population is. Sure, there are many, many iOS users but there are many, many Android users as well! As I said Zinio is another option and that is platform independent.

      • lvthunder

        It’s platform independent on your end, but not the publishers end. Since the app looks a lot like the lighting magazine app I would be willing to bet that when it goes Android (which Scott says is underway) and is stable it will make its way here too. He just doesn’t want people to anticipate something that is a ways away.

        • chjerrild

          Well, I think Matt must change strategy. It´s not all Apple. Soon there will also be win8. I have lend an iPad to see many media, but normal I use Android and win 8

          • lvthunder

            ‘Matt must’. Give me a break. Matt doesn’t have to do anything. As it stands right now most of the money on the developer side is on iOS. So if you only have enough resources for one platform iOS is the way to go.

  • Gordon Brown

    My perception is that Lightroom-related content has decreased considerably in the past few issues of Photoshop User magazine. If the decreased content trend continues (a NAPP effort to drive more people to pay $4.99 for each issue of iPad Lightroom on top of their NAPP membership?), I’ll seriously consider whether I should renew my NAPP membership. And yes, I did sample the iPad Lightroom offerings. iPad Lightroom should be included as part of the NAPP membership.

    • Sandy Kane

      Really Gordon? It’s funny because I was reading Matt’s post and thought “why would people automatically assume the worst in a company their spending money with?”. I mean, they’re all pretty transparent and all of the people who work there are readily available on the internet so I doubt they’d just flat out lie.

      Then I read your comment. After Matt just wrote that they weren’t taking content away from PS User for the LR magazine, you go and say the exact opposite (“a NAPP effort to drive more people to pay $4.99″). So you’re calling him a liar. Really?!

      You know, I think they have a 100% money back guarantee. It sounds like you’re pretty untrusting of NAPP and assume the worst (the company you’re spending $100 a year with), that you should consider using it. You sound like one of those guys who just won’t be happy no matter what.

  • Greg Williams

    There are far more iPad users than there are Android tablet users. Sorry, but that’s just a fact. App sale economics are more favorable on iOS compared to Android as well. There’s also a significant issue of dealing with multiple screen sizes for Android tablets vs the iPad’s single aspect ratio of 4×3. They only have to account for retina vs. non-retina on an iPad. Android presents a much greater effort to develop for with a likely smaller return.

    Therefore it makes the most sense to go with the iPad first because it is easiest to develop on and will likely make money on the investment. If it does succeed, then they can use the money from the iOS sales to fund Android development later.

  • CBWyatt

    I read the first issue of LR Magazine and thought you did a great job, but I have not purchased the second issue yet for a couple of reasons. I really like the video part of the magazine and the variety of articles was good. My concerns are the following. I had already seen the video through one of your other LR advice areas. I’m not sure where but you do your blog, LR Killer Tips, Kelby TV, as well as the Photoshop User Magazine. What I’m afraid of is that your articles will be a repeat of what you have done before. Next is the $4.99 price for each issue. That seems high for a non print magazine. I have a couple of ideas to help with the cost. Have a discount through NAPP, do subscriptions, or have it in place of Photoshop User Magazine. I read only a small part of Photoshop User as very little of it is relevant to me and would gladly give it up to get LR Magazine. I did not read any of the comment after the magazine came out; sorry if I’m repeating what others have said.

    When are you coming to Denver?

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Thanks for your thoughts. As for the content, that’s why we’re using other writers. There’s only so much Lightroom content I have in me. I’ve written or done a video on just about everything there is to do with Lightroom. So we’re reaching out to others, so I’m not writing the whole magazine. In the 3rd issue, for example, I’ve only done the video (one I’ve not done before) and the presets. Other writers have done everything else.

      As for the price. Let me ask you this. Let’s say that NAPP members get 20% off (which by the way is impossible for us to do with the app store and there’s no plans for PDF). 20% off is a HUGE discount right? Not many places give 20% off something regularly. Or let’s say it’s even 30%. That’s $1.50 per issue (you probably don’t blink an eye to spend $1 on an app that you never use past the first day). TImes that by 8 and you’ll save yourself a whopping $12 per year. Now, I know everything helps, but if $12 makes or breaks your decision, well… there’s not much I can say to that. People spend that in coffee over two or three days.As for the price. Let me ask you this. Let’s say that NAPP members get 20% off (which by the way is impossible for us to do with the app store and there’s no plans for PDF). 20% off is a HUGE discount right? Not many places give 20% off something regularly. Or let’s say it’s even 30%. That’s $1.50 per issue. TImes that by 8 and you’ll save yourself a whopping $12 per year. Now, I know everything helps, but if $12 makes or breaks your decision, well… there’s not much I can say to that. People spend that in coffee over two or three days.

      As for Denver, I sadly just had to turn down a seminar there since it was so close to Photoshop World in April. But I told our seminar guy to get me there soon. Hopefully this fall!
      Thanks :-)

  • Brian Miller

    I’ve been loving my iPad app – keep up the great work!

  • Randy Campbell

    I have been trying to download issue #2 for several days now…still no luck. I get one “dot” on the download progress bar and that’s it. (I have the latest update of the app.) Thus, it would seem that all of the download ills have not been resolved quite yet.

    • Stan

      Same thing here. I had to borrow my wife’s iPad and trying to download issue 2. It’s been going for about 10 minutes and about a quarter downloaded. Clearly download issues are not all resolved yet.

    • Christian Willoch

      I get the same with first issue. Doesn’t download at all…

  • Joe Komar

    Maybe I should sell my iPad and buy an android device. I haven’t complained about anything in a long time. 8>P

  • Mike

    Hi Matt, great mag! No probs downloading other than day 1. A question: In issue 3 concerning the “hazy day” preset your Temp slider is set to +34. What’s that? My slider is in degrees Kelvin. Thanks & keep up the good work!!

  • tomicher

    Do you have a preset which you used to a photo from this post ? (airport)

    Which one is that ?

  • Edwin Marelie

    I still can’t download the first issue. Any advice?

  • Stephen Soukup

    Why are android users being discriminated against? Not every one has an iPad. The kindle fire HDX and HD is outselling the iPad lately. Time to get on board Matt