Lightroom 4 Presets – Vignettes and Edge Darkening

Hi everyone. One of the things that just about all of my photos get is a vignette to darken the edges. It really helps bring in focus on your photos, and makes a great finishing touch. It’s also perfect for a preset because it’s something that’s very repeatable, and the settings stay the same (or almost the same) for each time I use it.

You’ll see 3 different versions here – Light, Medium, and Strong. Depending on the photo and how dark the edges already are, I usually use the Light or Medium version. But feel free to go with the Strong one if your photo can take it without starting to look fake around the edges.

Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!

  • Thank you very much············ Unfortunately I only know a little English ·········

  • Dennis Zito

    Hi Matt! These are Great! I’ve been going into Nik CEP4 and using their Darken and Lighten recipe. Now I don’t have to leave LR! Nice work!


  • Stephanie Smith

    Thank you!

  • Marcel Bauer

    Very nice, these are really close to what I have been doing myself, nice to have a one click option

  • Robert Dyet

    Thanks Matt and Xmas greetings

  • James

    Hi Matt. Do you have these available for Camera Raw? Thanks.

    • Matt Kloskowski


  • John Smith

    Hi Matt, These will certainly save time. I have a question though. Where do you extract your zip files to? Certainly you don’t just leave them floating around in your “downloads” do you?

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hmmm. Never really think about it. I just double click to open them. Then install the presets and delete the zip folder and any files left from it. Once you install the presets into LR you don’t need any original zip files or folders as they get moved to the right place. :)

      • John Smith

        So, installing them moves them. Huh! Maybe that’s why I can’t find a folder anywhere with all my other presets. They’re in my Develop Module, but dang if I know where they “really” reside. What you’re saying is “don’t sweat what you don’t need to sweat.” Not my nature, but I’ll try.

        • Matt Kloskowski

          Yup. Don’t worry about the techie stuff :)
          However, if you right click on any preset you can choose Show In Finder/Explorer and it’ll show you were they “live” ;)

  • Dan McNeil

    Thanks for taking the time to create all your wonderful presets. I use them more than any other pre-made enhancements for my pics. Wonderful Holiday Wishes to you.