Hey everyone. I’m incredibly excited to report that I’m in LA this morning and heading over to Universal Studios to to be on a tv show called Home and Family. It’s a show on the Hallmark channel hosted by Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare. See, a couple weeks ago I got connected with Mark, as he had seen I was coming out to San Diego for my Lightroom seminar. Well, it turns out that Mark is a passionate photographer (a great photographer at that – you can see his portfolio here) and uses Lightroom. He asked if I’d come on the show to talk photography and Lightroom so that’s where I’m heading this morning. This is definitely a first for me. I’ve been on the internet “TV” plenty, but not on the real one :) We record two segments today, and they’ll air tomorrow so make sure you check out the details below for more info.

Here’s the details:
Show: Home and Family
Channel: Hallmark (check your local cable listing)
Time: 9AM EST & PST / 10AM CST

Wish me luck! You know how I get in front of a camera ;)