Photoshop and Lightroom Before/After Video – Toronto Skyline Photo

The other day, during my seminar in Toronto, I showed the skyline photo I took the night before. Well, after the seminar some one came up and said they wished I showed how I processed the photo during the day. See, I showed them the photo but didn’t go over what I did. I actually didn’t do too much to it, so I thought I’d do a quick video. I even go over the camera settings, the lens, focal length, where the photo was taken and all of the post processing. Thanks again to the 500+ people that came out that day. Everyone in Toronto was so welcoming and we had an absolute fantastic day. Enjoy and have a good one!

  • Glenn

    Matt, great video. Several techniques I want to try thanks for taking the time.
    So On One or Nik, are they they competitors or complimentary? I have Nik wondering if On One is further investment or redundant?
    FYI. After our conversation in Monument Valley I added a full size RSS tripod to do with my Gitzo traveller. (It’s my Christmas present, yea!)

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Thanks Glenn. They have some overlap. For effects, if you have Color Efex Pro you’re probably good. And Silver Efex is the same as Perfect B&W. onOne has the retouching plug-in (which rocks btw…), as well as the Layers plug-in if you’re not always going to Photoshop from Lightroom. Plus they have the Resizing one. So it really depends on what you use. If you’re not into portrait shooting much, you probably won’t use Perfect Portrait. In which case the Nik plug-ins will do you just fine.
      Congrats on the tripod purchase. I absolutely LOVE mine. I took the traveler with me to Toronto this past week and it was so windy that I regretted not having the RSS with me instead.

      Thanks :)

  • musicman5

    Thanks Matt!

  • Brian Wong

    Fantastic video, and great looking photo. Thanks for sharing, Matt!

  • John Steiner

    Matt, quick question. Do you not use noise reduction in LR very much? I noticed you didn’t do any noise reduction.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      I do use it when I need it. This photo was shot at ISO 100 and didn’t have any noise worth worrying about. :-)

  • susan

    I saw you processed your raw file in LR, do you prefer that over PS Camera Raw? Seen as you did most of your processing in PS I was wondering why you chose LR for the Raw conversion? Thanks.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Hi Susan – I do all of my raw processing in Lightroom. Lightroom is where I organize and edit photos. Just jump in to Photoshop for cloning, layers, selections and finishing touches.
      Thanks :-)