Hi everyone. I wanted to take a quick break from the usual Photoshop and photography stuff to tell you a little about some personal stuff that my brother is doing for the state of New Jersey. I’m sure by now that you’ve heard about the devastation that hit the East Coast of the US recently. Well, you may or may not know that I was actually born and raised in New Jersey (very close to the coastal areas that were hit hard). Many places that my family now lives in, has lived, and that I still visit today were hit pretty badly. Areas along the coast (sorry “shore” if you’re from NJ ;) ), where I spent my childhood summers are now gone.

Well, I’m extremely happy and proud to say that my brother, Ed Kloskowski, is doing something to help. He’s created an organization called Run4NJ. On November 16th (tomorrow) he’ll embark on a 220 mile run along the entire length of the Garden State over 3 days. Yep, you read correctly. 220 miles in 4 days. That’s around 55 miles per day or the equivalent of over 2 full-length marathons per day. It’s all in an effort to help raise funds and awareness for the recovery efforts.

I know from looking at this website stats, how many people stop by this blog each day. If each one of you would take a minute and donate $1, then he’d pretty much far surpass his goal and have much more to give to NJ. There’s a website set up right here and you can even donate through Paypal so it’s really easy.

A little background on my brother. He’s in insanely good shape. He runs more in a typical day than most people drive. He’s completed several full Ironman races, many “wimpy” 26-mile marathons (well, wimpy in his book), and countless other races, triathlons and training feats that would leave most people sore for an entire month (and he’s 7 years older than me!). So when he says he’s going to run 220 miles for this cause, you’d better believe he’s gonna do it. While I can’t be there with him to do it, I’m just trying to be there to help support him.

Thanks for giving me a quick minute to tell you about Run4NJ and the area in which I grew up. I know with the holiday season coming up that you’ve got lots of demands on your wallet, both personally and for donations. But I do hope you’ll take a few minutes to see how, with just a few bucks, you can help out. Have a good one!