Win A Free Ticket To My Upcoming Lightroom Seminars

Hey everyone. It’s shameless self-promotion day (hey, it’s gotta be done every once in a while). But I’ll try to make it worth your while. :)

I thought I’d give a quick update of where I’ll be teaching/shooting/traveling over the next couple months in case you can attend or maybe even meet up and shoot. Plus, if you leave a comment with the city you’d like to attend, I’ll do a random drawing for a free ticket to the seminar (not the Moab workshop mentioned) at the end of the day.

November 26th: I’ll be teaching my Lightroom 4 Live Seminar in Toronto.
December 4th: I’ll be teaching my Lightroom 4 Live Seminar in Sacramento.
December 10th: I’ll be teaching my Lightroom 4 Live Seminar in San Diego.
April 25-28th, 2013: If all goes well I’ll be hanging with Dave Black and my friends at The Digital Photo Workshops in Moab. I saw some night light-painted photos they did with the arches and I definitely want to go.

If you’re interested in attending anything above each one should have a link attached with it. If you’re going to be in any of those areas and wanna shoot or have any good shooting ideas, then let me know. And don’t forget to leave a comment (if you live nearby) and I’ll give away a free ticket for each city (again, not the Moab workshop though). Thanks :)

  • Brian Laird

    Hi Matt! Love your posts. Live in Novato about an hour west of Sacramento and would love to attend! I’m sure you know the small coastal towns of Pt. Reyes and the area west of me to the coast are amazing shooting on a daily basis!

  • mrkhaki

    Would love to attend the Sacramento session. Wine country (Napa/Sonoma Valleys) offers a lot of possibilities.

  • ChrisCooleyPhotography

    We would love to have you in Atlanta! Will you be at the 2013 Imaging Expo in January?

  • Carrie S

    I will be attending in Sacramento, I’d love to bring my friend who is afraid of Lightroom.

  • Cris Da Rocha

    Up for the one in Toronto! (Actually for my brother, who, as Carrie’s friend, is afraid of Lightroom and live in Toronto :-) ).

  • Michael Bowyer

    I would love to attend the one in Toronto but only if it comes with a free flight from London England. When are you coming over here????

  • Jim Fair

    Matt any chance you will be adding Ft. Lauderdale or Maimi to the Lightroom Seminar?

  • Dan Istead

    Live in Ottawa, ON … but would definetely drive to Toronto to attend!

  • Chris Empey

    Hey Matt, I’d love to attend the Toronto Seminar.

  • Dwane Morvik

    How about out west in Calgary, Alberta? I’d drive to that one.

  • Chris Morgan

    Matt, I would love to check out your seminar, always up to learning more about LR. I am in the San Diego area

  • Jonathan Kwan

    Would love to attend your Toronto session.

  • Gary Mencimer

    San Diego is only a two hour drive. I’d love to be your guest. Thanks.

  • Kathy Flynn

    I would love to attend the San Diego session, and would happily drive down from L.A. (or take the train, I love taking the trains) to see you.

  • Travis Miller

    Hey Matt, I would love to attend the San Diego Seminar

  • cindi

    Would LOVE to go to your San Diego seminar. Thx!!

  • Phillip Taylor

    Hey Matt,

    Would love to attend the Toronto training!

  • Michele Durante

    I would love to win a ticket to your Sacramento seminar. I just purchased Lightroom and am clueless, and I need to learn it for my photography degree.

  • sharon martinez

    Would love to attend San Diego !!!

  • Jeb Buchman

    Hey Matt, does your schedule ever bring you to the Washington DC area for your live seminars?

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Yep. was just there for Photoshop World in April and my Lightroom seminar over the summer :)

  • Doug Churchill

    Sacramento Tix would totally Rock!

    There is a lot of locations to shoot here in NorCal, spring is best for wildflowers and waterfalls. I live in Chico 1.5hrs north of Sacramento.
    Would love to get you out to Lassen Volcanic National Park, Trinity Alps and Mt. Shasta, but the best spots would require some hiking or backpacking

    • Doug Churchill

      …”There are a lot of locations…”

  • Jarett

    Sacramento!! If you’re out in sac make sure you check out Clarksburg sugar mill. Great place to do some shooting.

    I’m in Petaluma, but Sacramento is just a short trip away. And hook me up with a free ticket to the seminar!

  • Craig Stilson

    Live in San Diego and would love the opportunity to attend this seminar. Please, please, please……yes, I’m begging!

  • Andre Maltais

    Would love to attend the Sacramento one. It’s not a bad drive from the Bay Area. :O)

  • Houmaan Saffarzadeh

    It would be wonderful if I can attend your Toronto seminar.

  • Diane Scarbrough

    Love love love Lightroom. Would love to learn more!! Love your blog too.

  • John Scott

    Book me in when you come the London Town, England

  • Aldous Tsang

    I would live to attend your seminar in San Diego :)

  • Ben Elliott

    Hey Matt! Would love to attend your Toronto seminar!! Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Cheers mate!

  • Matthew Warzecha

    I’d love to send my wife to the Toronto show… She is my business partner and is responsible for the editing while I am the shooter… Please get us a ticket :)

  • Elsie Joyce

    Going to Toronto, would love to win for a friend of mine to come with me!

  • Cristian R

    Would love a ticket to your San Diego seminar!

  • Sara

    Would love to attend your Toronto session. Let us know if you are going out shooting anywhere. If you want the “classic skyline” shot, take a ferry out to Toronto Islands (but be prepared that it will be cold!)

  • Mike Wiensczyk

    Hi Matt, I would mucho appreciate winning a ticket to the Toronto session. There are a ton of photo op’s here in the city. Just name your subject matter.

  • Susana Acosta

    I would love to be a guest at your seminar in San Diego and would happily drive from L.A. to learn more about LR. Wether I get to meet you or not, I hope you have a great tour! (The photo workshops in Moab sound like they will be tons of fun too).

    • Susana

      I meant to write whether, not wether, jajaja! Duh!

  • Bill Guy

    Hi Matt, I just registered for the San Diego seminar. I’ve taken the seminar at Kelby Training, but couldn’t pass up the chance for this one live in my home city. I’d LOVE the opportunity to shoot with you. So many great opportunities nearby. Coronado Island. Balboa Park (with the world famous zoo). Old Town for a Hispanic/historic flair. And awesome high desert mountains no more than an hour east on I-8. Huge boulders tossed around like some giant’s game of marbles. Closer by, some great out of the way neighborhoods with funky architectural flair. How long do you have? :)

  • April Garrity

    Hi Matt, thanks for the contest! I am fairly new to Lightroom and would love to win a ticket to your Sacramento seminar! I’m about an hour west of there near Mill Valley…Muir Woods is an awesome place to visit and provides much photographic inspiration :-)

  • Ángeles

    I would love to be a guest at your seminar in Toronto!

  • Jared

    I would love to join you in your seminar in Toronto. While you are here you can get some nice shots of the city from the island or if you don’t want to pay (or wait) for the ferry, pop over to polson pier (at the end of polson st) and you’ll get some nice city scape shots.

  • Yvonne

    Sacramento! My husband and I are already registered, but free admission for one of us would be great!

  • Katy Malovich

    If all goes well with Dave Black and friends. Would love to attend the Workshops at Moab. :)

  • Leah Kirin

    Love following your posts and your Lr info. Would love to attend in Toronto! Thank you for this opportunity to win a seat.

  • Laurie J. Taylor

    I am attending the Toronto workshop but would love to bring a friend who is needs lots of post processing help!

  • Gary Friedman

    Looking forward to learning from you in San Diego!

  • Jan Winther

    A ticket to Toronto would be a nice surprise… :)

  • Betsy

    Would love to attend the San Diego seminar!

  • Caroline Bennett

    I would LOVE to attend theToronto seminar. I keep looking at it but haven’t been able to swing it. Fingers crossed.

  • Mel Landuyt

    Matt – would love to attend the SD seminar!! First time joining you and would love the opportunity! Pick me, pick me!! :-)

  • Linda

    I am right here in Toronto! And I am free on that day!!
    There are many great places to shoot here. I just moved here from Los Angeles, and I’m still discovering. Unfortunately, you just missed the Fall colours. But the city skyline is gorgeous across the water from the Toronto Island. There are cool abandoned buildings to be found. And there’s an awesome old car ‘graveyard’ a little ways away. The Niagara Escarpment may have some nice waterfalls (even one huge, famous one!), since we’ve had a bit of rain too. The Scarborough Bluffs offer a beautiful view of the Lake. Lake Ontario stretches on and on. I have yet to figure out how to shoot its scale. For street shooting, there’s some really quirky people wandering in the city. Just regular Joes, but quirky. There’s always someone around to make me smile!
    Oh, and there’s a GREAT music scene here at night. Dive bars with great musicians.
    Can’t wait to see you here…not just on the computer screen!

  • Craig

    Hay, San Diego is only a couple hours from me, I certainly wouldn’t mind the commute for such a worthy cause.