Lightroom Presets – Sharpening for Landscape and Outdoor Photos

I always get a lot of questions about sharpening in Lightroom and what settings to use. Well, if there’s ever a place where presets work great, sharpening is one of them. For the first round of sharpening presets, I figured I’d create a set specifically for landscape and outdoor photos. You’ll find these presets work best on photos where you want just about everything sharp (something that’s typical for landscape photos). You’ll notice there’s 3 different versions in this one. It really just depends on the photo and how much extra “detail” it can handle. Some can handle a lot of detail and look great with the Strong setting, while other photos will tend to get that crunchy look and use the Light setting better.

Don’t forget that you need to zoom in to at least 100% to see the effects of any sharpening on your photos in Lightroom.

Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!

  • Thomas Fitzgerald

    Hi Matt

    I was wondering should you still use output sharpening when exporting in combination with these settings?


    • Matt Kloskowski

      Yes you should still use any sharpening when exporting or printing.

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  • Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt,

    Nicely Done! These are Great! Your timing with the last few presets are fantastic. I’m working on Vacation Pictures from Michigan and they’re all Landscapes! Go figure!”-)

    Thanks for putting these together!


  • David Blanchard

    Matt, you gotta start naming presets and/or their folders with some LR version info so we can figure out what to dump or understand that they will not necessarily work as originally intended.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      I mentioned in the post that they’re made for LR4. In fact, I’ll save you some trouble of not know (and me from renaming presets). Just assume they’re all made for LR4 since I don’t use LR3 anymore :)

  • KDphoto

    Good job :) Again :D Any chance for updated “Cutting Edge” preset ?

  • Rob McMurray


    I really appreciate that you make these presets available. I find them to be very helpful.

    Thank you,

  • Otto

    Thanks for these Matt. I’ll check them out and use them on my blog and for Facebook postings. Rock on!

  • Beverly Milam

    Thank you!!!

  • mona

    Thank you so much, just in time for my autumn pictures :)

  • susan

    Thanks once again :)

  • Chris Styles

    Hi Matt are the LR4 presets compatible with LR3?

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