Lightroom Presets – Fall Colors

This week I’m updating my Fall Color presets. I was talking to my brother yesterday (who lives in the Northeast US) and he was saying how a lot of the leaves are changing color. Now, when I grew up, my dad was absolutely meticulous about our backyard, so the fall season only reminds me of many days of raking leaves after school – not pretty colors. But as an adult I can appreciate the season more (especially since I live in Florida and don’t have to worry about leaves anymore) ;)

Anyway, I do like to photograph the northeast and I realized, as I was going through my photos from the area, that I was making some of the same tweaks to many of my “fall color” photos, so I made a preset for it. Here’s a quick before and after so you can get an idea how it looks:

Have a good one!

  • Lex (@Lex_Tweets)

    Thank you! :)

  • Mike Bowen

    Thanks Matt,
    During the worldwide photowalk I took a few shots that will need just the kind of tweaks these presets provide. I’m sure the shots will quickly go from drab to fab!

  • Dennis Zito


    Your timing on this is impeccable!!! We are just now going through all our photos from our vacation in the UP and Michigan. We have some great autumn photos and these will get me through the process really fast! Thank you so much!


  • Bas Wientjes

    Thanks for the preset :-)
    Just out of curiosity though… Did the preset also miraculously add some foliage to the top of those two trees in the center of the first “after” photo? :-p

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Ha! I was waiting for some one to notice that. Right before I saved the “After” image I saw some telephone wires and just dead tree branches that I couldn’t resist retouching out. That would be one really cool LR preset though wouldn’t it? :)

      • Bas Wientjes

        Yup, that would be a great time saver :-)

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  • Mark

    Hello Matt. Sorry to be a pain but what programme should i open the files in after i’ve clicked on the zipped file? Accidently changed the settings to open in notepad!! Can’t seem to get them back.

  • Shawna

    Thanks Matt.

  • Mike Wilson

    Your previous video about Camera Picture Style presets was very interesting, I want to use them. However, I am new to Lightroom and I can’t find out how to upload the Canon (well, any) presets into Lr. Where can I look? I’ve tried the help lines in NAPP PsUsers and the Googleverse, no luck. I must be phrasing the questions improperly. I have Kelby’s Lr book on the way but I doubt that your ideas are in it.

  • Mike Wilson

    Okey, this is Murphy’s Law incarnate. As soon as I asked about installing presets, I blindly stumbled onto this video in your site and there was the answer.
    You did mention that it was time for you to do a video on the topic and it was MY time.


  • Peter

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Yvonne

    Just found your site through a Google search and am patiently waiting for Lightroom 4 to be delivered today! Looking forward to learning more about presets and making my photos a little more magical…thank you for sharing!