Suggest A Lightroom Preset Day

I’m teaching my Lightroom seminar in Orlando today, so I’m bailing out on the blogginess for the day. That said, I thought I’d take your Lightroom preset ideas (I’m posting this here and on my Lightroom site too). I’m pretty close to being out of preset ideas for Lightroom. I’ve been making them for so long that I simply don’t have any ideas left. So I’m turning to you guys:

Things to consider when leaving an idea:
• Lightroom doesn’t have filters like Photoshop. So try to avoid saying that you’d like a preset that looks like the Clouds filter in Photoshop, because it simply can’t happen.
• Don’t forget to look back through my preset archives over on my Lightroom website. There’s a ton there already.

Cool!? So the floodgates are now open! I’m anxious to hear what you come up with :)

Oh yeah, I’ve got 3 more Lightroom seminar tour stops before the end of the year.
• Toronto – November 26
• Sacramento – December 4
• San Diego – December 10
You can find out more info right here.

  • Melinda

    I would love some presets for making layouts in the print module! I’m thinking of ones about 800 pixels wide for blogs- or whatever else you come up with.

  • Geoff

    How about just updating more of your existing presets so that they work with Lightroom 4.

  • A’ron Schmukle

    Hi Matt,

    I played around a bit with the tone curve and took invert and solarization to steroids. The results are quite unpredictable and one need to play around with those. You can take it even further by playing around with the sliders underneath the tone curve or imagine what happens if you apply such a curve to only one color channel!? have fun! :)

    find my crazy tone curve Presets including examples of M-Solarization here:

    greetings from switzerland

    find me on fb or google+
    A’ron Schmukle

  • A’ron Schmukle

    …find more examples here:

    cheers a’ron

  • KDphoto

    Cutting Edge was one of the best in LR3. Could you update it to LR4 ?

  • Johnny Boyd

    How about a 10 stop custom tone curve preset?