Photo Update From Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons

Hey everyone. I wanted to give you a quick photo update from Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons. So far though, it’s fairly underwhelming. It’s kinda funny how mother nature works. On Monday, before I left to come out there, I was worried that smoke from the fires would make for some hazy photos. Well, as fate would have it, a storm system came through. Now, that’s great news for the fires and I’m happy that it’s helping the situation. But, as a result, we’ve had pretty dismal skies and views of the tetons since I’ve been here.

Yesterday evening, though, while driving to the Snake River Overlook for a sunset shoot we looked behind us and saw the photo below. So we pulled over and grabbed a few quick photos. It’s not stellar but I’m holing out hope that things will get better :) One thing I didn’t know is that sunsets are hard to photograph here. That’s because the sun goes down behind the mountains about an hour before sunset, so you’re shooting at a bunch of really flat scenery or directly into the sun. But I’m still happy with this photo, as well as some of the others we took.

(Click to see the photo larger)

The D800E is working out great, but I haven’t been able to compare it to the regular D800 yet. I hope to do that today. But I will say the Really Really Stuff TVC-33 Tripod absolutely rocks! I have a new name for this tripod that I’m currently borrowing… mine! :)

Wish me luck today. Hoping for a better sunrise since I only have one more day left after this. Have a good one!

  • Alex

    Beautiful! I was at Grand Teton (& Yellowstone & Glacier NP) earlier this month!

  • Jack F

    Thanks for the update Matt, maybe a good photo to try an orange gradient on in LR.
    Curios as to your thoughts on the D800E. Hope you get better weather!

  • Charles Lyons

    Matt that is an awsome picture. I think you were the one who said “look behind you when you take pictures”.

  • Mike Rodriguez

    Nice shot, Matt. And, I totally hear ya on the sunset thing. We were there two summers ago for a family vacation, which, of course means shooting at the right times sort of takes a back seat. We found ourselves at the rather well-known Mormon Row Historic Settlement in the evening, just after the sun dropped below the mountains. Shots…uninspiring at best. But, still a gorgeous spot. I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  • Derrick Zuk

    Nice photo! The Tetons are definitely a hit-and-miss when it comes to sunset. You have to get the right combination of clouds for the sunset colors to really pop. Looks like you found one of those great moments though! I live in the area, working at Jackson Hole Bible College. Photography is my biggest hobby, which I’m hoping will turn into a bit more someday. The Tetons are definitely my favorite, especially when you get hiking deep in them!
    I think tomorrow (Friday) morning some JHBC staff members and I will be going to Hedrick Point for a sunrise shoot. I highly recommend looking it up, it should be great for fall colors in the foreground with the Tetons behind! If you’re interested in joining us, shoot me an email!
    God bless!

  • Jeff

    Matt: I flew out of Jackson the day you came in. Tried for a week to get shots of the Tetons. Early on the smoke was terrible, there were times where we could not even see the mountains from our locations. As luck would have it as the smoke cleared we got heavy overcast skies. Conditions were better in Yellowstone but it doesn’t sound like you’ll have the opportunity to get up there this time. I do hope you have better luck tomorrow. Jeff

  • Nick Marzinski

    Very nice pics with what you had to work with. I was in Yellowstone and the Tetons last month, and even then, the Tetons were in haze from the wildfires while we were there. I took a bunch of pictures, but spent a good deal of the time lamenting that they weren’t as good as they could be if the air was clear.

  • lyle

    A thought for you – drive over to Driggs ID if you want the sun behind you sunset shot… you’ll be looking right at the back side of the Grand… ;) Not much nice foreground scenery – but, that’s an alternate view most haven’t seen… And, you’ll be in Idaho seed potato country at the same time… ;) There’s a really great waterfall not far from there called Upper Mesa Falls – beautiful this time of year, reminds one of Niagra but smaller…

  • Christopher Murphy

    Matt, Christopher from Kansas City here. Don’t buy the RRS tripod. For much less (about 700 bucks less) look at the Velbon El Carmagne 530 carbon fiber tripod. Goes for around 250 and will take the RRS ballhead at a huge savings and it comes with leg pads on it, is a pound lighter than the RRS and performs the same. I have had mine for five years and it rocks, and is rock solid. I have shot a 600MM with it without much problem, even without a gimbal head.
    Obviously buy whatever you want, but if you are Irish and cheap like me, you’ll save the money and get the performance. Just lookin’ out for you!:)

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Thanks for the info Christopher. I’ll have to check it out.

  • Gordon

    Nice to see a different view of the Tetons for a change.

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Oh don’t worry Gordon… I have some of the same old views too ;)

  • Dennis Zito

    Really nice capture here, Matt! I know what you mean about sunsets and sunrises there! They are really hard to do and judge the lighting. Once, it starts happening, it goes pretty fast and you have to on your toes! Looking forward to some more great photos! Sounds like you’re having fun!


  • Glyn Dewis

    Whoa!!! lovin’ the light beams coming through the clouds! I seriously need some time out to go take some landscape shots; not something I’ve done much of…actually make that ‘something I’ve never done’ :)

    V.interested to hear your thoughts on the D800 v D800E.

    Enjoy the rest of your time there Matt,
    Catch you soon,

  • Nicole Young

    I just got the RRS TVC 24 … haven’t even had a chance to use it yet I’ve been so swamped! Should get a chance to this weekend if I can pull myself away from my computer (screenshots & writing, blech!). I love RRS :)

    Have fun out there!

  • Ken Zuk (@kenzuk)

    Hey Matt….yes, sunsets are tricky there….we were there for a few weeks and you really have to know timing and how the clouds change. It helps to know a local :)

    Thankfully my son helped with that a bit…but still hard. Glad that you got to meet Derrick…I saw his time lapse from Hedrick Overlook…very cool…too bad you missed out on that ;)

    After being to Jackson for the second time this past August, I’ve realized that the Tetons is a place that you need to visit and visit…to know the light and situations better…there are so many locations to get to as well.

    Derrick took us to an amazing place, and I want to get back. If you are into hiking a bit, and you get back to Jackson, you should see if he has time to take you there…its spectacular! I’ve posted a few shots from Delta Lake on my blog and g+ (