Here’s a few videos and shows I did in the past couple of weeks that are worth checking out if you’ve got some extra time this weekend. Most are free except for the NAPP tutorial mentioned below. Have a great weekend!

1) My NAPP Latest NAPP Tutorial on Photoshop Compositing and Selecting is Up (this is the only not-free video)
I work full time for the NAPP, and do tutorials for the member website there every week. My latest one on creating the composite below (you’ll see the original images and the final composite) is live on the member website. Just click here.

2) The Grid: Episode 65 (Blind Photo Critiques)
Scott Kelby and I did another one of our live blind critiques on The Grid this week. It’s always one of the most popular type of shows we do. This week I think we had a really good variety of photos to look at. We consistently get a ton of great feedback about how much people learn in these shows just by watching critiques of other people’s photography.

3) DTown: Episode 124
I co-hosted with RC and did a tip on how to focus if you have a dark neutral density filter on your camera. The tip is around the 10 minute point in the show, but of course you can watch the whole thing :)


4) My Lightroom/Photoshop Before and After Tutorial (with Silver Efex Pro).
This was on the site earlier this week but in case you missed it, you’ll see the video below. I basically took one of my photos from start to finish with Lightroom and Photoshop. I even jumped into Nik’s Silver Efex Pro to convert to Black and White.