Happy Friday everyone. Just wanted to give you a quick update on some cities I’ll be taking my Lightroom Live Seminar Tour to in the next month or so (and the chance to win a free ticket). First, I’ll be heading to Seattle on August 24th. I’ll actually be in Portland during the week before, so if you have any good shooting locations around (or even within a few hours drive) of there let me know :)

Then I’m on to St. Louis, MO on September 11th and Kansas City, MO on September 12th. I won’t have too much time to shoot but, again, if you have any great locations I need to hit please let me know as well.

If you want to win a free ticket to the seminar, then just leave a comment here, along with what city you’d like, and I’ll pick one by the end of the day. Also, here’s a quick 2 minute video where I talk about what we cover during the day so you can get an idea of what the seminar is all about:

If you have the chance, check out the website for the seminar tour. I’ve taught this seminar to thousands of people worldwide, and it really seems to be exactly what everyone needs to finally start using Lightroom to it’s full potential.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!