Lightroom 4 Presets – Portrait Black & Whites

Last week’s free Black and White Landscape photo presets for Lightroom were so popular I figured I had to follow it up with my portrait presets this week.

You’ll see there’s 4 presets in this download. One of them is an all-purpose B&W effect that I use most of the time. But there’s a few others for outdoors, beaches (which is a little different than the general outdoors one, and indoor portraits). Remember, they’re portrait presets though, so they all have a similar look to them with just a few differences. But the whole point is to show off the people in the portraits so you won’t see a huge difference in each of these like you would the Lightroom 4 landscape presets from last week.

Here’s a quick before/after of the general-purpose preset (photo courtesy of

And it kinda goes without saying that there’s no rule that says you have to use the beach preset on beach photos. It’s just what happened to work best for me when I was creating them, but I’m sure you’ll find every photo looks a little different than the other.


  • Girish

    Thanks Matt

  • Carrie

    Awesome, thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Shirley

    Thanks so much Matt!

  • Gerry Walden

    Thank you so much Matt. Just tried them on a great wedding image – fabulous!

  • Beverly Everson Photography

    Thank you!!

  • Carlos Alberto Ferreira

    Great presets as allays!

  • Jim Rook

    Thanks again Matt.

  • Dee

    are these suitable for LR3?

  • Elin

    thank you!!

  • Walt Szymanski

    Thank you, Matt!

  • Anton Oosthuizen

    Thanx there

  • Lori

    Thanks so much

  • Vivek Sinha

    These are amazing presets. Thank you very much Matt :)

  • Damian

    Great job Matt! Thank you.

  • Birgit

    Thank you for sharing your presets!

  • a

    Just wanted to leave a big thanks for the presets. They look great!

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