Happy Friday! Yesterday, some of the guys at NAPP and I sat down for a live chat about Photoshop World. Before you read any further, this video is really only useful for people that are either A) going to Photoshop World, or (even more so) B) thinking about going to Photoshop World. If you are, then you’re about to invest a decent amount of money in Photoshop and photography education. We know that and we’ve seen a lot of questions over the last few weeks from people wondering just what to expect from the conference.

It’s not a quick video. We said 15-20 minutes in the beginning but it turned out to be almost 30 minutes by the time we were done. If you have no desire to go to Photoshop World then you’ll be bored to death and you should definitely skip this one. But if you are going, or thinking of going, I think this could be one of the best things you could watch this weekend when you have a few extra minutes.

The early bird discount of $100 ends this weekend. While you can still sign up right until the day of the conference, you’ll save yourself $100 if you do it soon. Either way, I hope you’ll consider putting Photoshop World on your to do list soon. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! :)