Lightroom 4 Presets – Black & White for Landscape Photos

I’ve updated a few more of my Lightroom 4 presets. I’ve been digging black and white more lately. I actually wrote a post last week about a class that recently changed my thoughts on black & white photography, so make sure you read that if you haven’t yet.

Anyway, while I love Nik’s Silver Efex Pro for B&W photography, I know a lot of people don’t have the plug-in. A while back I created a few custom presets for landscape photography so I went back and updated them for Lightroom 4, as well as changed a few of the settings to ones that seem to look better for different types of photos. You’ll see there’s 4 presets in this download. I went through my photos and realized that most of my landscape photography falls into several categories (canyons, beaches, photos with lots of green in them, and photos with a lot of sky in them). So I created the settings for the presets to show off those different elements in the photo. Here’s a quick before/after of the canyon preset.

And of course, you’ll probably end up finding photos of a beach with lots of blue sky. In that case, experiment a little with whichever preset looks best :)


  • Vineet Potdar

    I love your presets. Thanks.

  • Jason Collins

    Thanks for the presets – but kind of strange knowing that you don’t really like B&W…. LOL

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Yeah, I like color. I see in color, color moves me, and it just strikes me in a different way. Up until recently (and I’m still not hooked on b&w), Black and white just seems flat… lifeless… old. Ever since I was alive people have been shooting with color cameras and my first camera was color so it’s just something I find interesting in my photos. Plus, I’m a landscape guy. I love shooting landscapes and part of what I like is the clouds, the sky, and the “feeling” of early morning or late afternoon. You can’t get that feeling with B&W.

  • erik godderis

    thank You,

  • Nathan Masters

    I like b and w with buildings especially old buildings. I was in Old Quebec City couple weekes ago got some amazing photos in black and white. I do like colour for landscapes photos as well.

  • Craig

    Thanks very much. Your presets are great!Thanks for,all the free videos you put out there as well.

  • Margot Kelly

    I have presets in my list by the same name. Are they updated versions of what I might already have? Thanks so much…….love all your presets!!

  • Denice Olson

    will these work in Lightroom 3, by chance?

  • Ed

    Thanks Matt, I enjoy your blog.

  • Jason

    thanks for the presets… I tried to view the link on how to install them, but the video didn’t work

  • // John Richardson

    Thanks for the presets!

    I was very happy to watch the B&W presentation on Kelby Training, it was such an informative class. To see the pains everyone is taking to make the electronic darkroom mimic the old chemical one is great. I know it isn’t quite the same, but you know, it beats the heck outta just a flat transition. The new Silver Exx Pro 2 is probably a must have much like the Color Efx Pro 4 is.I surely do wish the papers/inks were available where I live though.

  • Kristina Jacob

    Thank you for the presets. Your description of how the B&W class changed your thinking makes that the next class I watch.

  • Debbie Woodley

    Great B&W conversion presets, love the pop they give. Just need to find a canyon to make full use of them now, not sure we have canyons in UK, let alone Monmouthshire!

  • Mike Goodwin

    Thanks Matt, love the Canyons preset

    • Matt Kloskowski

      Wow! Love it!

  • Sharon Funnell

    MK … you rock – thanks a ton :D

  • udnanNandu Shekhar

    wonderful !!!

  • endreh

    two thumbs way up! :)

  • Nicole

    LOVE the presets but everytime I click on a link, it’s “broken” or missing…

    • Nicole

      Apparently I put stupid juice in my coffee instead of creamer this morning because I figured it out! Durrr…. Okay, so any chance you’ll post those “twilight presets” ;o)

  • Vivek Sinha

    Thank you Matt for sharing your expertise.

  • Ed

    Hi DLoaded your presets. thanks for sharing them.

  • Birgit

    Thanks again :)

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