Lightroom Video: Getting the Most Out of Camera Profile Presets

Last week, I posted some of my Lightroom presets for the camera profiles that you find in the Camera Calibration panel in Lightroom. After I started reading through the questions and comments I realized that a lot of people didn’t know one of the huge benefits of using presets for the camera profiles. See, the presets I gave out, were simply just shortcuts to the settings in the Calibration panel, rather than my own recipe of settings put together (which is what the presets I usually give away are). So I figured I’d do a quick video to show you a couple of ways that having presets for these profiles helps out. I hope this helps. Enjoy!


  • Vaughan Scott

    Really helpful. Thank you.

  • Francis

    Thanks Matt. Great tips on how to use the camera profile presets. I always thought you’d figured out the adjustments required in the develop module to get the various Nikon presets. I use them nearly all the time on the import dialog.