Lightroom Joins the Adobe Creative Cloud

The rumors have been floating around out there for a while (plus Adobe said it was gonna happen) and now it’s a done deal. Lightroom is officially now part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. So this means that if you’ve already bought a creative cloud subscription you can now download Lightroom 4 for free today as part of your subscription.

Now, all that said, I know that a good percentage of you reading this won’t be affected by this because 1) you already bought Lightroom 4 when it was first announced, OR 2) You’re not a subscriber to the Adobe Creative Cloud because maybe you just use Photoshop and the CC isn’t for you. Here’s something to consider though… think of thie impact of this from an overall community and support aspect. Now that Lightroom is in the Creative Cloud, this opens Lightroom up to HUGE numbers of new users. People that may never have bought it because they didn’t consider themselves serious photographers (of course we know LR is great even if you’re just a casual or hobbyist photographer). When it comes down to it, this growth is good for all of us that love Lightroom. The more people that use Lightroom, the more training, presets, integration and overall community support you’ll find out there. It’s a good thing.

Okay, now you know my thoughts on the topic? What’s yours?

  • John Richardson

    Though I had already bought LR4, I was / am still excited to see it as part of the CC Package. If you haven’t joined the Cloud, which by the way is so simple it hurts, using LR4 with PS/CS6 will complete your digital workflow … but wait! There is just a few things to add as plugins: Nik Software’s Color Efx Pro4, Silver Efx Pro 2, Viveza 2 and HDR Efx Pro. That’s it, you are DONE. Add this together and you will no longer be asking “What can I do to take me photography to the next level?” Clearly your PP makes a huge difference and the above suggestions will nail it for you, in my opinion. I would also suggest Kelby Training.

    In the long run, with more and more consumers in the Cloud and accessing all of the programs, Adobe will have a larger sounding board for changes and upgrades, this is clearly a very good thing for all of us.

    • mattk

      Well said John. Especially the part about joining ;-)

  • nicholas Von Staden

    This whole cloud thing is just too expensive……sounds like a Microsoft deal to get corporations to keep up to date with all their software……As a individual paying bills each month……50 bucks is ALOT of money for all this….since most all of your readers have been using photoshop an LR for years…we just feel squizzed …. I know we can still buy hard copies but we all see where this is going and its not going to work with a lot of us….

    • mattk

      But you just said it yourself. You can still buy single copies of the software. If you’re just a photographer using Lightroom (and maybe Photoshop), sure $50/month probably isn’t going to be worth it. But if you actually use the programs in the Creative Suite, now it’s affordable to you. Parting with $1500 for the whole suite every two years probably made it cost prohibitive for a lot of people. Now they have a way to buy the software they need. So while the cloud doesn’t work for you, it does work for a lot of others out there.

  • Chris

    Can’t wait to dig into this one. I’m especially excited about the book layouts. I’ve been watching some of the stuff you and Scott have been doing with it, and have been chomping at the bit for it. Now, if only the end of my workday would come, so I could get home and work in it…

  • michael keith

    Is it recommended that we uninstall LR and re-install using the Adobe App Manager? Or is that kind of pointless?

    • mattk

      Kinda pointless Michael. If you ever rebuild your computer or anything then consider starting from scratch. But for now, I’d leave it. I’m actually not sure how it works but your subscription may even pick up on the fact that it’s installed. Maybe when there’s a new update out, try installing it that way.

      • michael keith

        Thanks for replying. Unfortunately, Scott Kelby got to me first on Twitter–he said he uninstalled LR and reinstalled through Creative Cloud. Kinda wish I had seen your advice first because I like installing software almost as much as getting poked in the eye.

        Thanks for your work. I’ve made huge LR advancements in the last few months and you’ve played a big role. I appreciate it!

  • Choke

    Matt, Do you know if Lightroom will be included in the Photoshop subscription?
    Id did not go for het whole CS, just needed Photoshop but I do also use Lightroom. Its a great combination.

    Best regards

    • mattk

      I don’t know for sure, but I haven’t heard anything about it happening.