Mesa Arch


Photo of Mesa Arch in Arches National Park, Moab. Taken during a workshop I taught in April, 2009, this probably goes down in my books as the coldest photo I’ve ever taken. We woke up at 3:45am to snow flurries and a horrible forecast. We took the trip anyway and, as you can see, it was well worth it. However, the cold weather along with a 15 mile/hour wind made for a really cold morning.

  • mike meyer

    Hey Matt, love the new web site. I got the link off of Jeff Revell’s. I always enjoy reading the details of the picture. I’ve never understood why people post the exposure settings and not who the person in the photo is or what was going on at the time. Nice job.

    mike meyer

  • Charlie Cotugno

    Beautiful shot, Matt! I’ve got to get out there someday.

  • Scott Prokop

    I love this shot. 3:45am … ouch! I also got a photo of this arch that I processed using HDR in Photomatix. I got the sun just as it passed over the arch at about 9am on Sept. 11th, 2009. Check it out here:

  • http://-- Andrew Routt

    That is one truly amazing photo!! I was able to visit both the Canyonlands and Arches National park last year in the spring and it is something all photographers must do.

    BTW… The site looks great!

  • Alan

    Great shot! I believe Mesa Arch is in Canyonlands National Park, still close to Arches though.

  • Steve Walesch

    Hello Matt,

    This is a truly amazing photo, but that’s not the only reason I leave some feedback. In fact I really appreciate your work on Lightroom Killer Tips, Photoshop User TV and D-Town TV.

    I really learned quite a lot from you over the last 3 years.

    Keep up your great work!


  • Steve Miller

    I love your book on layers. I have to correct you on one thing on this photo. Mesa Arch is not in Arches National Park. It is in Canyon Lands National Park. This park is very close to Arches but it is a different park. I love both parks. We live in Grand Junction, CO which is close to both parks.